Monday, January 19, 2009

Countdown to no Bush...

is on the horizon. Woot woot!! In case you live under a rock and have been waiting on an engraved invitation to come out, here are the deets on Obama taking over:

It will take place tomorrow, Tuesday, January 20, 2009 beginning at 11:30 a.m. EST and 8:30 a.m. Pacific Time.

The Oath of Office is at noon, immediately followed by the Inaugural Address.

The Vice President is sworn in ten minutes earlier.

Be there, or be square.


Believe it or not, I went to a Catholic mass this past weekend (gasp, I know!) I was in Louisiana for the weekend to see my family and my aunt and her soon-to-be husband are the main singing peeps of the church (and they are good). I thought I'd make my Paw Paw the happiest Paw Paw on earth and volunteered to join them all for a 9 am mass.

First of all, and I know this will be shocking too, but I love me a Catholic mass. I dig the smell when you come in (sidenote, the University of Houston library always had that smell too). I like the rituals because it's seriously been like 10 years since I went to real mass but you always know the deal. You know the words, they never change. Hard pews, kneeling, and ab-tastic Jesus on the cross.

But the reason I bring it up is because the churches have been getting bad press about being all anti-Obama post election and withholding communion and whatever and I just wanted to shout out for this place because at this one they actually prayed for him as he started as President this week. Aw, how sweet. I could almost drop their name and say they rocked it, but the creepy anti-abortion cemetary in the front of the church didn't rock my block. All I could think is that I hope they take that down before my aunt's wedding in the spring, but I think it's a permanent deal of hundreds of tiny, white crosses of creepiness.

2009-01-15 Brookwoods Inside (23)

Did I mention I love our house? I have no idea what to do to decorate a fireplace, but I worked at it and came up with this much. And you can't tell in the pic, but that big arty thing looks quite nice with the slate in the kitchen. I took pics of the house finished for my family to see, and of course we couldn't access them at the house. Boo. I even cleaned the house to take the pics. Truly devestating.

And finally because they are taking forever to load, here are a couple random shots from Max's little birthday party. I was photo fatigued from Christmas so I didn't go overboard, but I have a couple cute ones...

2009-01-17 Max 2nd (3)

2009-01-17 Max 2nd (14)

and BTW, don't you know I just booked another Continental flight...ah, pass the lube...

Friday, January 02, 2009

The holiday season is over, life can continue

Thank goodness for that.

First, a couple random tidbits. I am trying to program Desperate Housewives on the TiVo and it came up with Desperate Blackwives 2 and 4 (that's clever), Desperate Housetramps: Real girls of OC (sounds better than the real one) and Desperate MILF's. Somewhere in there was what I wanted.

Also, I saw Pimp and Hooker fighting MADLY the other day. Really, Hooker was just screaming at him and he was staring straight ahead, but nonetheless it was a furiously angry scene. I mean, she was pissed, her face was quite animated and he must have really screwed up. They really are the best part of living in the hood, and I mean that seriously. Their presence in this neighborhood cheers me up everyday, though I prefer him dancing and her collecting money than fighting. They deserve to be happy.

And this commercial that is so hilarious...I am a big reader of small print and this one is wonderful. It says "Cartoons lose weight easily. Real people require regular exercise and blah blah blah." That pretty much cracked me up

Other than all that, just the holidays and ensuing bleh that goes with that. I don't even feel like rehashing that, so I will leave you with these funny pics

2008-12-29 Jenni Bday (2)

What do you think Spiderman is so pleased by?

And I found this in Heather's photostream, I suspect my husband and Jeff had something to do with it...