Thursday, January 31, 2008

This is a call...

Some of you may have read my earlier post "Overexposed" or whatever I called it. There I was contemplating the pros and cons about being online, sharing your life, blogs, mb's, etc. Sad to say, this week has led me to believe it's all a bad idea.

I get it. If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. Duly noted. I've had my share of being judged openly and subversively and I'd like to think karma has taken care of some of those people (though they may call it something else). But I've watched people I like and care about get it bad this week and it makes me sad. More than one. What the hell? Some of it comes down to the hobby and the trolls that lurk boards giving hugs and then reposting your posts elsewhere to mock, some of it comes down to the people you know who are stalking you just to see if you might mention their name but all of it comes down to losers so obsessed with you that they watch your every move but claim you are the loser, that you are the one with something wrong with you. Trust me, you're the one with the low IQ and the loser life. I can almost understand doing this to people you know, but total strangers?! Effen pathetic.

I don't search my google analytics to see who is watching me. I look at the comments to see who might think I am going to hell and who has something funny to say, but I don't know who is lurking. If you are out there, just stalking me for giggles, for goodness sake check in on the comments. Just let me know if my self righteousness and godlessness are enough for you to character assassinate me all around the net, and if you are just waiting for the right time to strike. I like to be ready.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Filler material - tab down to name my okra...

Wow, when Rita of all people is telling me to write something, that's embarrassing. The thing is, I don't have that much to say. I could rant about some stupid comment I read about how some ladies are dissing Oprah for dissing her chicks to support a black man as though the election of a president should be based on criteria similar to prom king "is he cute?" "what kind of car does he drive?" etc. I typed a long response on the MB I saw it on that basically went back to my earlier post about how one should decide on the candidate (you know, issues). Geez.

Based on my previous post on keeping religion out of political debate and watching a certain candidate recently equate my really wonderful neighbors across the street with someone fornicating with a dog, I would like to introduce Who Would Jesus Elect? bracelets - I (for now) claim the copyright on WWJE bracelets (until someone reminds me that someone else already had the idea first). While I looked for those, I found this ad showing why Jesus' endorsement isn't good (his views on immigration, how universal salvation has stolen the jobs of many angels):

Please remember, I don't hate Christians and I don't judge any follower of any religions' belief system. What I do judge is people who try to impose their belief system on the masses who don't want it. Can you imagine trying to be a gay or lesbian in this country while idiots drive a bus around the nation try to rile up a crowd to take away your rights and to generally lament on the fact that you're burning in hell? "Geez, I just want to get married to my lesbian partner of ten years so I can be guaranteed health care, not be unfairly taxed when my partner dies, be allowed to make decisions about my partner's health if a tube needs to be pulled, be able to pretend that equality does exist in the US, and be able to not be a hot topic for discussion everytime there's an election." That's crazy talk. It's like being a kid and listening to your parents fight about what's wrong with you in the room next door. There's something wrong with me? Don't you know I can hear you?

I know. No one is nearly as interested when I babble about the state of the nation as they are when I post a picture of a cute child (usually my own) or talk about American Idol. I get that. Here's a token picture of me with a piece of okra that cam from Big Daddy's BBQ and magically has a face on it. I would like to think it is Jesus' so I could sell it on eBay, but cool things never happen to me. Sigh. Who do you think he looks like?

2007-11-09 Bridging 4

Friday, January 04, 2008


Just thought I'd be one of those lame moms and announce all of my precious genius' accomplishments as of was that, or give you a step-by-step inventory of the family drama and why I haven't had my New Years' good luck dinner yet (grrrrr...should get it Sunday though, hope that isn't too late)

Anyways, Dylan can (and constantly does):
* Count to 13 (where he just goes "turteen, turteen, turteen.")
* Identify his ABC's (and spell his name, which he won't perform for others often)
* Name the main colors (no ecru or bashful here, but blue, red, green is nice)
* Say "Mama" over. and over. and over. Hi Mama. over. and over. Mama. Mama. Hi Mama.
* Line tons of things up in the straightest lines ever. I've been told numerous times that it is a sign of autism. Thanks to all the optimists, like his life won't be hard enough simply having been born to me and Jason
* Says please and thank you
* Grow his hair super long, as everyone points out (and alludes to a mullet that ain't there)
* Sometimes hits Jason in his junk and makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.

Won't do:
* Potty train (will cure cancer with a poopie diaper)
* Vacuum and mop (and frankly that is why we had him)
* Sit down and eat a meal. He likes things on the go.

Here, have a pic until I come up with something more interesting to post...
2007-12-16 Dylan Ipod 1

Insane lining up of little toy horses on his surfboard:
2007-12-09 Party Horses in a Row 005