Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Buck Stops Here

These are really lame guys, these taggings on comments. Almost as bad as "hot females want you tonight" spam in my inbox. Ugh. I will do it, but I will not like it.

I was tagged...

So this is how it works. I must post the rules, 7 random things about me and then tag others to do the same. Sound fair enough, right? These are the rules…. each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their Blog. People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of their blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment. Except I won't do that because I am nicer than that. Or cooler than that, dunno which.

1. My hobbies include binge eating and television watching, sometimes (or quite often)together. I went to the gym today, I earned it.

2. According to family stories, my grandfather remembers seeing his wife at family reunions all the time when he was younger. Think about that for a second. I do not come from that part of the bloodline however. I don't think they are blood related either, but you know it is just fun to think about. Oh, did I mention we are from Louisiana. Maybe I should have started with that.

3. I love conspiracy theories. I love watching little films on youtube like "Loose Change" and knowing that I am smarter than everyone else for knowing the whole thing was orchestrated by the government. Whether it is true or not. Probably not. Don't get me started on how the government is keeping us all down. I expect to be vaporized for even mentioning any of this.

4. If I was rich, I might become a permanent student of English. I love reading books and uncovering all the patterns and themes and stuff. It makes me feel smart and deep. However, I have so far this summer spent more time reading about what Paris ate in prison. That does not make me feel smart.

5. I am hilarious and deserve a role in the world of comedy. However, I fear rejection and that is pretty much the name of the game there. What would I like to do? I would love to write sitcoms or something or live the life of Tina Fey. My plan for Dylan is to send him to school at the Improv so that he can leave home at 18 to become a comedian. Or a rockstar

6. Dylan just sat next to me and gave me the biggest hug voluntarily. I like that.

7. I really want to win the lottery. I haven't played since I read in 1984 that it is a tax on the stupid because, well, that makes me stupid. Which makes me smart for not playing (and being on to the government's conspiracy against us - have you ever met a lotto winner, probably not). But still not rich.

I bet you all feel like you know me oh-so-much better now...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day, guys!!!

Just wanted to drop in and say Happy Father's Day... I am sitting on the couch next to Jason and our Father's Day celebration is nearly complete. Dylan and I got up this morning and made Jason's card, breakfast in bed (that was a trip to Whataburger for breakfast taquitos), and his altered gift (see below). Jason's special gift was a Roomba, but we all sat down just a minute ago to order it and we are picking it up at Circuit City soonly. I wasn't sure which to get, which is the only reason it isn't already here. Happy Father's Day, Jason! You are a good dad and I am proud to call you my baby daddy.

Jason's had a pretty good weekend that had nothing to do with me and Dylan. Last night our corporate boat trip got cancelled because of the weather, so we went over to Mom and Jim's to give Jim his Father's Day gift (see below) and hang out. Mom and Jim on a whim decided to buy Jason's his very own shotgun and case, and I think that Jason's was pretty happy. It was kind of funny because they were so afraid he was going to mad that they got him something, but he's pretty excited to go shooting with Jim next weekend and then in Austin next month. He also is happy that if we ever have to face looters in the hood, he now has a shotgun to brandish.

Anyways, we are on to the Northside today to see Dad and we are meeting him along with Bryan and Matthew. Ugh. Not for Dad, I love seeing him, but ugh on Bryan. He owes me money, so my hope is that I can get it out of him today. I don't really even need it (who am I kidding, yeah I do!) but it is a matter of principle. The principle is that he probably makes more than we do and that I shouldn't have to loan him money so he can support a crack habit or who knows what.

On that note, happy father's day and here are the gifts I came up with for this weekend...

fathers day altered pic

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

wanna know...

what the most sinfully delightful food on this planet is? stouffer's mac and cheese. it is guys' night and i am eating a tv dinner alone like a spinster, but the creamy goodness of this crap along with the ever yummy fish filet is like a hug from the inside out. i could write the most seductive rap song about it, but i will hold back. that is all. thanks for listening, this was really weighing on my soul...

Exhibit A: Return of the Mac

Thursday, June 07, 2007

happy birthday, dylan!

just wanted to come by really quickly and wish dylan a happy birthday...his party is this weekend and hopefully he will enjoy it and not want to just get to his nap like he did last year. thought we might celebrate more today than we are, but he still isn't feeling 100% after having pinkeye this week. can i say how much fun it is to try and chase those crusty eye boogers out of a squirmy boy who wants nothing to do with it? yeah, it rocks. if only the adhesive on the back of chipboard letters was as strong as the hold those pinkeye boogers had on his lashes, i would be in good shape. anyways, will probably spend the rest of the afternoon home relaxing with him and swinging in the backyard

he is celebrating two with a slew of new words, after not repeating a single word we've said to him for the other 100 weeks, someone must have hit the on switch and now he repeats everything. good thing too because i didn't want to face the shame yet again at the checkup with the doctor of him still not talking. yesterday he had the cha-cha's and i must have made an impression with my "yuck's" and "ew's" because he's been running around saying that all day long. we went to the gym this morning and he acted like the day care sucked, but when i snuck in to pick him up, he was in the middle of like five kids dancing and singing as they laughed at him and clapped. always the entertainer...available for work anytime. he needs to work because soon i won't have an income and someone needs to make us some fun he is, the happiest boy in the world...
2007-03-13 Kemah 089

Sunday, June 03, 2007

they do hate us for our freedom

...because unfortunately some of us use our freedom to be haters. **warning, rant to follow**

i feel the need to blog about this only because it comes at a time when i am already frustrated by my fellow americans. it seems in this country that the only form of discrimination towards a race or religion that is still accepted and actually encouraged (other than mexicans when it comes to building a wall) is towards middle eastern, arab americans and muslims. it came up this weekend when someone i like just fine passed around a joke that basically equated muslims with terrorists. i spoke up because someone should. one of my favorite students was a muslim, and another teacher felt it was fine to joke with him in front of his peers about him carrying a bomb or flying planes into buildings. this stuff happens all the time. what is wrong with us that we think that this is okay?

stop it. it is not okay. it is makes you the worst kind of american there is. absolute worst. patriotism is not just holding an effen flag up and putting a yellow tag on your car to support your troops. patriotism is not believing in jesus christ and throwing rocks at women at planned parenthood. patriotism is giving your fellow americans the right to freedom of religion, freedom of speech and the freedom to celebrate their heritage. patriotism means your right to worship jesus on a cross is absolutely on the same level of a muslim kneeling towards mecca. american means brandy cumberland's rights are as important as mohammed khan's, as important as tamika jackson's, as important as pedro ramirez's, as important as george carlin's, as important as sarah silverman's.

jason and i are watching a documentary (unconstitutional: the war on our civil liberties) that looks at the patriot act and other ways that we've made civil liberties obsolete in the united states. don't know why we watch this stuff because it just pisses us off, but we do. i think the only thing that is worse than the anger and frustration i feel when i watch this would be apathy.

the story centers aroung the people whose civil liberties have been abused the most: arab americans. random arab families who live and work among us all who were plucked from their homes and detained for nothing more than their ethnicity. while our court system operates under the idea that you are innocent until proven guilty, these detention centers operate under the opposite assumption. wtf? does anyone remember in wwII when the us did this to about 120k japanese american people (62% of which were citizens)? this documentary also points out that these acts alienate these groups and that since it creates an "us vs. them" mentality, it would only cause us as citizens to be even less protected. great idea, all thanks to the us patriot act.

ah, the us patriot act. if i didn't love it enough while working in banking, i loved covering it when i taught orwell's 1984 this year. we discussed newspeak (the govt's use of a shortened language for the country to streamline/minimize thought) and i asked "what do you think of when you hear those words?" patriotism-honor-american-taking action-united-principles and such. us patriot act stands for "uniting and strengthening america by providing appropriate tools required to intercept and obstruct terrorism." now that doesn't sound like what you were thinking!! god bless america, because it needs it...

Friday, June 01, 2007

playing catchup - part one

since i have my gym clothes on and i need to get to the gym, i've decided to take this moment to catch up on all things that have been going on...

cate's wedding: lovely. have to be honest, loved the bachelorette party better. to keep things pg here, let's just say that cate and i personally participated in too many mind altering substances and we properly celebrated her upcoming nuptuals. everyone else had fun too, but i didn't wake up next to anyone other than her at 3 am. the downside was the downpour that came that night - it was raining sooo hard and then the window shut on diana's hand and i had no idea how to get it out. i hope her hand healed, i forgot to ask the next time i saw her. anyways, par-tay and the only point of suckitude came when our waitress at the bar said, "mrs. cumberland?" bad news. she wasn't my kid but knew my kids and wanted to be my kid and who knows what else she was saying because all i could think was, "crap." the only thing that came out of that was when i saw one of my girls and she said, "i know what you've been up to" because her friend said i was there for a bachelorette party. no biggie since i had already told them to plan on me calling in sick for friday because i was going to have a late night.

but as far as the wedding goes, my complaint was that my kid looked borderline retarded because some bug bit his face and it was way swollen. so he looked weird and his attitude was in the crapper. can i say how excited jason was to be on baby duty for that. very pretty wedding, but outside and it was hottttt. at some point i realized my thighs were sweating and it was dripping down. when the wedding was over, jason and dylan and i all went into an upstairs bathroom and took off all unneccessary clothing just long enough to cool down. then we found the shadiest part of the yard and had fun there eating and chatting with others (such as jenni and her improptu family, dr and mr fullerton and the montrose community)

to cate and jason, i hope you guys have a blast together. life is meant to be fun and you should have your best friend there with you all the way. best friend with benefits makes it all the better. jason, i've only met you once really but you'd have to kick pretty big butt for cate to commit to all that. cate, i've known you for 12 or 13 years now, believe it or not, back when you were wearing 18-hole doc martens (not cool) and it's been great having you in my life. it is really funny how you and i have such conflicting schedules and only see each other very occasionally, but somehow you are the sole person i always end up telling my biggest secrets to. somehow you always ask the right questions that make me be honest about what's going on instead of getting honest later or not at all. you're a true friend, and i am proud of you. life hasn't always been easy for you, but you've used everything to grow and be the true person you are. you are the last person to put on a show or be untrue to yourself, and i respect that. i also respect that you listen to your gut when you realize you want more in life and you take the chances to get where you want to be. sure your student loan debt rivals the national debt and you haven't slept since you started grad school, but you're my hero like that and i honestly would not have taken the risks i did quitting the bank and teaching without you behind me. now that i am embarking on even riskier ventures, you are my role model some more. thank you and i hope your worst day as a fricke is even better than your best day as a black!

** and with that i will actually go to the gym. tune in next time when i actually talk about andrea's wedding and stuff like that. until then, let me leave you with some pics of little cate - oh, and yeah, she has some tattoos. i got to be there for the first couple, but then it became a hobby for her. very feminine, flowers and stuff. =)
2007-05-12 Cate Wedding Day 010 2007-05-12 Cate Wedding Day 020 2007-05-12 Cate Wedding Day 009 2007-05-12 Cate Wedding Day 030