Friday, June 01, 2007

playing catchup - part one

since i have my gym clothes on and i need to get to the gym, i've decided to take this moment to catch up on all things that have been going on...

cate's wedding: lovely. have to be honest, loved the bachelorette party better. to keep things pg here, let's just say that cate and i personally participated in too many mind altering substances and we properly celebrated her upcoming nuptuals. everyone else had fun too, but i didn't wake up next to anyone other than her at 3 am. the downside was the downpour that came that night - it was raining sooo hard and then the window shut on diana's hand and i had no idea how to get it out. i hope her hand healed, i forgot to ask the next time i saw her. anyways, par-tay and the only point of suckitude came when our waitress at the bar said, "mrs. cumberland?" bad news. she wasn't my kid but knew my kids and wanted to be my kid and who knows what else she was saying because all i could think was, "crap." the only thing that came out of that was when i saw one of my girls and she said, "i know what you've been up to" because her friend said i was there for a bachelorette party. no biggie since i had already told them to plan on me calling in sick for friday because i was going to have a late night.

but as far as the wedding goes, my complaint was that my kid looked borderline retarded because some bug bit his face and it was way swollen. so he looked weird and his attitude was in the crapper. can i say how excited jason was to be on baby duty for that. very pretty wedding, but outside and it was hottttt. at some point i realized my thighs were sweating and it was dripping down. when the wedding was over, jason and dylan and i all went into an upstairs bathroom and took off all unneccessary clothing just long enough to cool down. then we found the shadiest part of the yard and had fun there eating and chatting with others (such as jenni and her improptu family, dr and mr fullerton and the montrose community)

to cate and jason, i hope you guys have a blast together. life is meant to be fun and you should have your best friend there with you all the way. best friend with benefits makes it all the better. jason, i've only met you once really but you'd have to kick pretty big butt for cate to commit to all that. cate, i've known you for 12 or 13 years now, believe it or not, back when you were wearing 18-hole doc martens (not cool) and it's been great having you in my life. it is really funny how you and i have such conflicting schedules and only see each other very occasionally, but somehow you are the sole person i always end up telling my biggest secrets to. somehow you always ask the right questions that make me be honest about what's going on instead of getting honest later or not at all. you're a true friend, and i am proud of you. life hasn't always been easy for you, but you've used everything to grow and be the true person you are. you are the last person to put on a show or be untrue to yourself, and i respect that. i also respect that you listen to your gut when you realize you want more in life and you take the chances to get where you want to be. sure your student loan debt rivals the national debt and you haven't slept since you started grad school, but you're my hero like that and i honestly would not have taken the risks i did quitting the bank and teaching without you behind me. now that i am embarking on even riskier ventures, you are my role model some more. thank you and i hope your worst day as a fricke is even better than your best day as a black!

** and with that i will actually go to the gym. tune in next time when i actually talk about andrea's wedding and stuff like that. until then, let me leave you with some pics of little cate - oh, and yeah, she has some tattoos. i got to be there for the first couple, but then it became a hobby for her. very feminine, flowers and stuff. =)
2007-05-12 Cate Wedding Day 010 2007-05-12 Cate Wedding Day 020 2007-05-12 Cate Wedding Day 009 2007-05-12 Cate Wedding Day 030


cate said...

that just made me cry a little bit. i wasn't expecting to find a blog about my wedding with such sweet words to me. thank you brandy boo:) i'm glad my school/career choices have helped you because i know seeing your relationship with jason has helped me. y'all made me raise the bar for my relationship expectations (thank god, too!), and now i'm married to my best friend:) okay, this concludes the cheesefest. love you!

Lisa said...

Beautiful post about the wedding Brandy! And what a lovely bride.

Heather said...

What a sweet post. Cute pics- glad everything was fun.