Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Jason sent me a link to a super duper website that lets you see, among other cool things, PSA's from the 70's, 80's and 90's...and I went straight to looking for this one...

I LOVE trashcan lid drugs!! Seriously, did this ad change anyone's mind? I mean, I remember it more vividly than anything from my childhood and yet... That trashcan lid, I just can't get over that. Anyone ever offer you a platter of options like that? I'd sure like to hear about it

Here's the website to blow an entire day of work or school:

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yay to be Gay!!!... in CA anyway


I just wanted to give a high five to the peeps of California who today righted a wrong by allowing gay marriage in their state. Get it while you can, because it sounds like in November there's a chance it will be up for debate again with a ballot measure. And heaven knows, there is a huge pocket of people who will fight so hard to take this right away. People protecting the sanctity of marriage, many of whom are divorced themselves. I've said it before, homosexuals don't destroy marriage, heterosexuals who divorce at a rate of 50% do. Now, at least in CA, everyone can destroy the oh-so sacred sacrement of marriage together!

I know this isn't popular and I know that some of you have already stopped reading this. But I feel a passion about this issue and the gay and lesbian community because I can see how easy and acceptable it is to treat them like second class citizens and it burns me up, the same way I feel when people persecute others for any reason. If two people love each other and are dedicated to each other, well yay because love is good wherever you can get it. And don't be mistaken, "civil unions" are straight out of the "separate but equal" playbook, and we know how well that initiative went. No one's making your church do them or rewriting your precious religious texts. It's government, plain and simple, and it's meant to cover everyone, not just Christians or any specific religious group despite what some may think. If you don't like it, fabulous. It doesn't affect your marriage if Joe and Jim down the block are taxed the same way you are or if Susie and Sally have a certificate like yours. So mind yours, and let this community mind theirs, now fairly allowed the same rights.

Good job, CA! I won't hold my breath for Texas though...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jerk of the Month

Now that we have this in the works...

2008-05-12 Sold

it is time to buy. I've had a trophy made up for Jerk of the Month (not really) and I am awarding it to the sad man who got greedy and turned down our sticker price offer so he could relist for $10K more. You are a sad man and I hope your house sits on the market for quite awhile. Don't think that your house was overpriced just because we were trying to keep it simple and not play around. You suck.

I considered attaching the listing here, but I don't need him getting greedier and suing me. He can keep all his douchebag art and tool-eriffic vases and decorative items and live there forever. Anyways, the story:

Last Saturday we saw this house and really liked it. It was beautiful and would really fit our needs. We put an offer in, despite the fact that the guy lied/omitted on the sellers disclosure about an obvious flaw in the flooring in the living room that it seems he himself remembers causing, despite the fact that the neighborhood is shady to the max and despite the fact that this place faces an actual ghetto mini mart where shady people chill in and out all day. I was happy enough with a wrought iron fence enclosure and security cameras, but frankly I am special. Next day we make our offer and then we drop by the open house to show our parents. Karishma, the realtor, was trolling for new offers, mentioning that there was already an offer on the table. "Yes, that's mine" Jason told her. Tacky. She had met us the day before and everything, but equally tacky Jason told her not to worry about remembering him, that all white guys look alike. Great, Jason, great.

Anyways, magically our realtor gets a call that night while he happens to be with us that there is another offer on the table and how high do we want to go. He said, sounds good, tell him to take it because we aren't going higher. She is flabbergasted. Perhaps there's no real offer? Maybe? She calls again the next day, "Did your clients decide to come up with more money?" Uh, no, already told you it is what it is. Fast forward to this morning to when I finally saw what I knew was happening. House is relisted for $10K more.

Greedy loser and lame realtor, great team. We had heard that this dude thought his house was worth way more and had to be convinced to go for the original price and frankly that's the only reason we didn't bother to haggle. My mom was naive enough to tell me they have to accept your offer if it is sticker, but clearly there is more trickery and deceit to this than I thought. Eff this game, seriously!! Selling our house has made us feel so powerless since we know we have to give, give, give to close and I was hoping the buying part is where we'd finally feel some power. So wrong...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ball of nerves...

As most of you know by now, the house is for sale. Saturday morning the sign went up and the listing hit the internet. Open house was planned for Sunday and we were feeling good. The house looks awesome, you'd practically never know what we purchased five years ago.

2008-05-03 Foxwood Sale 005

2008-05-03 Foxwood Sale 006

I've been meaning to post pics and reflect on it, but I didn't go by until later Saturday and then we had plans on Sunday so I didn't have pics loaded on my laptop til yesterday afternoon. Went to the house to take the trash out and there was a showing going on. There had been a total of 6 or 7 showings over Monday and Tuesday alone. 6 or 7 peeps came through on Sunday's open house. Went back later when they were gone and put the big, heavy trash out. Was driving back and Jason calls to tell me we have an offer on the house. An offer on the house we had listed like 5 days before. Wowsa. And these guys want to move quickly.

So I am a ball of nerves. We are playing the counter offer game and I am terrified they will back out. We have the inspection and I am terrified that it will be revealed that there are dead bodies under the home, rendering it unsellable (I didn't put any there and our inspector didn't find any when we moved in, so we should be okay). If you've ever sold a house, I'm sure you get what I mean, you're just so scared that it isn't going to work out for whatever reason. Then I like some houses for purchase. Terrified I won't get the one I want. Nervous that I want to spend more money that we should.

I've asked everyone to keep the fingers and toes crossed that this goes through. If you have kids, that's 20 more digits that should be crossed for us. I'd rather be sitting around here waiting for our new house to be ready than waiting for the old house to go away. But if this goes through, the Cumbys will officially kick major booty...

**updated -- they countered again (who doesn't love THIS game?!) and we accepted. I'm in love with a new house and ready to move on. Now your fingers and toes need to be dedicated to the cause of us having nothing interesting coming up on inspection... please and thanks!

Oh and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my super stud Jason who is 32 today. For his birthday, I hope he gets a signed contract. It's a gift we will all use =)

Monday, May 05, 2008

New shirts...

Just a quickie post to show you the awful things Jason and I ordered from T-Shirt Hell...I swear we aren't bad people, we just have a dark sense of humor that is supported by businesses like who we have bought quite a few cute tees from, including Dylan's "Cuter than Baby Jesus" shirt that might have made it onto a family Christmas card a couple years ago. For some reason, I like to buy these shows that I know better than to wear in public, thus making them pj's...where is my "Dick in a box" shirt, come to think about it...but these will totally be worn Memorial Day weekend because it is Andrea time and if there is something my sister likes, it is shizz like this...

In honor of Wii mania, Jason's:

And partly because I love my gays and partly because I was kind of irritated at a post on some other blog about how gays stole the rainbow:

If you have the stomach for it, that site is hilarious. And I have Aunt Diane to thank for introducing me to it, wassup!!