Thursday, March 29, 2007

Prom is coming!!!!

...and I have a date that isn't my husband. Scandalous. So much better than high school, the second time around is. After several barely legal offers, I have settled on a group - Mr. M (the math teacher that looks like Jim from "the Office"), Mrs. B-K (the teacher who allegedly looks like me) and Ms. N (very cool Hebrew teacher). The kids think I am going with Mr. M because they don't know the others though, and he suggested for further effect we coordinate our outfits. I think he was serious, but I laughed at him. Then I tried to imagine finding a neon pink dress so he would wear a neon pink cumberbund. Jason's okay with all this, I just checked.

Coming soon, I'll let everyone vote for the dress I wear. I have a couple of options now, plus I'll have to shop Heather's closet. I also need yall to choose a bridesmaid gown for a wedding, several options there too.

So prom is May 5th and I am stoked. We are all going to be chaperones, but I am just looking for a good time. The girls are buying totally expensive gowns and I was shocked - some at $400 are more expensive than some wedding dresses! The kids are looking at party buses and limos and finding fancy restaurants to eat at and it is totally adorable. I love watching the boys try to get their courage together to ask a girl out, it is seriously like watching "The OC" 24/7.

Have I mentioned how much I am going to cry in May? As glad as I will be to quit working, I love so many of these kids and am going to cry at not seeing them everyday. I think I will stay in touch with a lot of them though. April's next big event is Senior Picnic where we take a field trip to some ranch and hang out all day in the hot Houston sun. I better get to go, most of the senior teachers get to. Fun times ahead!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I loathe Chris Daughtry

I haven't posted in awhile, but this has been weighing on my mind. I know that it is a totally negative (and superficial) post, but when I become famous people will have equally snarky things to say about me and it will all be even steven. I may make some enemies with this, but I need to get it off my chest...

I consider myself a pretty big American Idol fan. I have followed it closely most seasons (except the Fantasia one) and I admit there is always someone grating on my last nerve (like Sanjaya - wtf are you still doing on there? America, sometimes you suck more than they do) But usually they all fade into the sunset when the cameras go down, release an album that I don't notice and that is the end of it. Except for Chris Daughtry. I will start by saying that he can easily pass for any other Nickelback-Creed-insert-name-of-random-rock-dude-I-don't-know-the-name- of-here and for that reason it is easy not to care. Not hate, but not care. There is not a thing special about him that makes him terminally unique, no winning personality, nothing. Now he has a song on the radio that I am forced to notice and I am haunted by more powerful feelings that indifference.

He bothered me all last season because he seemed to really think he was the one whose caca didn't stink (I suspect it smells like Boone's Farm and cigarettes). He did his same wannabe rocker performance over and over (this from a girl who totally dig Bo Bice, his alleged inspiration for auditioning). When he got voted off, I thought he was going to sock it to Ryan Secrest and not in the way Ryan would want. He looked shocked like he thought he already won and a little psychotically violent. Fast forward to an article I read now about an event he did:,,20007164_20008533_20011924_,00.html

It sums up every thing I think about him, that he is a self indulgent a-hole without a speck of gratitude for what he has been given and resentment towards the "corny" show that got him there. I mean, he refuses a Q&A for terminally ill kids?! Ugh!! They should send him back to his doublewide trailer back in Who-gives-a-crap, USA where he came from. And that's what I have to say about that. Don't buy his album, waste your $15 on one of the other bands that sound the same and haven't irritated the poop out of me yet. If he thinks it is lame to be known as the guy from AI, he should go back to the guy who isn't known at all. That's how I'd like it anyway.

Thanks for listening, that felt good. Here's a photo from the AP of Daughtry looking cheesy with the other Idols, which would probably make him cry his white trash Boone's tears...