Thursday, March 29, 2007

Prom is coming!!!!

...and I have a date that isn't my husband. Scandalous. So much better than high school, the second time around is. After several barely legal offers, I have settled on a group - Mr. M (the math teacher that looks like Jim from "the Office"), Mrs. B-K (the teacher who allegedly looks like me) and Ms. N (very cool Hebrew teacher). The kids think I am going with Mr. M because they don't know the others though, and he suggested for further effect we coordinate our outfits. I think he was serious, but I laughed at him. Then I tried to imagine finding a neon pink dress so he would wear a neon pink cumberbund. Jason's okay with all this, I just checked.

Coming soon, I'll let everyone vote for the dress I wear. I have a couple of options now, plus I'll have to shop Heather's closet. I also need yall to choose a bridesmaid gown for a wedding, several options there too.

So prom is May 5th and I am stoked. We are all going to be chaperones, but I am just looking for a good time. The girls are buying totally expensive gowns and I was shocked - some at $400 are more expensive than some wedding dresses! The kids are looking at party buses and limos and finding fancy restaurants to eat at and it is totally adorable. I love watching the boys try to get their courage together to ask a girl out, it is seriously like watching "The OC" 24/7.

Have I mentioned how much I am going to cry in May? As glad as I will be to quit working, I love so many of these kids and am going to cry at not seeing them everyday. I think I will stay in touch with a lot of them though. April's next big event is Senior Picnic where we take a field trip to some ranch and hang out all day in the hot Houston sun. I better get to go, most of the senior teachers get to. Fun times ahead!


Kache said...

Hope you get a corsage.
Looking forward to the dress options!

shannon said...

sounds fun! can't wait to vote.

Lisa said...

Proms are always better when you're an adult!

Breana said...

how fun! can't wait to see the dresses!

Jaime said...

Oh yes...prom. Hated those days! Looking forward to the vote and what you do on your "first date". Hope it doesn't end at a hotel like a lot of prom dates. lol.