Thursday, August 23, 2007

Catching up...

First of all, anyone notice that they changed the theme song to Sesame Street on the new episodes? It has a more hip hop beat to it. Anyone, nothing will get Dylan out of his seat and dancing like that new version. He even likes the music that plays during the credits. Whatever.

So we've been out and about and doing a million different things lately. This weekend kept up the manic pace as we hit Louisiana and then San Antonio. My family on my mom's side lives in Baton Rouge, and we (my mom, me and Dylan) did one of our quickie trips where we drove up Friday night and then left Saturday night. We stayed at a grotesque little motel where I am sure many hitchhikers and prostitutes have met an unfortunate fate. Dylan didn't want to be in the room, probably because children can communicate with spirits and all of them were telling him to run. We decided to take a late dip in the pool at ten and when we got there, the girl was locking it up. One look at Dylan in his swim trunks and floaties made her tell us that she would leave it open for us. Yay!

We went to my Paw Paw's the next morning and saw the newest addition - Max! He is a cute little boy almost adorable enough to make me breed again...almost. Here he is with his proud mama, Stephanie:
2007-08-18 Louisiana 5
We spent a lot of time in the pool and Dylan got his first jump off the diving board. He always likes an audience, so he would pump his arms, say hooray, make sure everyone else said hurray and then jump. He had fun with his cousins Sadie and Katie...
2007-08-18 Louisiana 32 2007-08-18 Louisiana 28 2007-08-18 Louisiana 27
There's something really neat about the fact that Dylan gets to swim in the same pool I used to swim in as a little kid. I used to love going out to Paw Paw's and eating good food and swimming - and now Dylan and I get to share that!

We got home around 10 that night and by nine the next morning, Jason, Dylan and I were on the road to San Antonio. I watched "Shut Up and Sing" the Dixie Chicks documentary last week and so I was inspired to roll through South Texas playing their newest album (which I love - check out "Everybody Knows," "Not Ready to Make Nice," and "Lullaby" if you haven't already). That should make someone laugh since we know how much of a country fan I am not, but I gotta like someone who stands up for what they believe no matter what the consequence.

Anyways, we were meeting the Kellers and the Fujas for a weekend in San Antonio at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort and to see Sea World. If you are ever in the area, check this place out. The prices were really fair considering how much you got out of the place and we constantly had fun stuff to do. My only complaint - why is it that the nicer the hotel, the more likely you have to pay for internet service? The roach motel in Baton Rouge has free internet, but of course this place didn't. No biggie since Jason worked there and will expense it, but just a peeve of mine. The trip was awesome (except Sea World - DS and DH pretty much melted down immediately) and I can't wait to go back...

Here are the highlights of the hotel:
2007-08-20 San Antonio 074 2007-08-20 San Antonio 064 2007-08-20 San Antonio 076

and now with people having fun!
1197304933_bbc0a80582_o 1197304735_3ef88f2352_o edited brandy jason 1198170562_abb6da2b1c_o 1197306327_b81343c279_o

After the weekend, our family stopped in downtown San Antonio to see the Alamo and the Riverwalk. A great ending for a great weekend...
2007-08-20 San Antonio 1052007-08-20 San Antonio 114 2007-08-20 San Antonio 133

Thanks for tolerating that mega post - whew!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

12 on the 12th: debut

Well, Heather emailed me Sunday morning to remind us about 12 on the 12th, so I have my very first one done. I went ahead and used a digi kit to spice it up, and now I can load it at RSC for the online crop as a digi item. Here it is...12 on the 12th:August


So what went on that day?
1. Unmade bed, Sunday is my only day to sleep in but Dylan wants to come and hang out in there. Since he knows how to open doors now, Jason and Dylan have to go into the living room and I love the hall door so he can't get back there. What I will do for a little extra sleep...
2. Whataburger taquitos. I like potato, egg, and cheese - I got addicted while pregnant with the boy. Sundays are often a designated carb day, and this one was no exception. Yum.
3. It's my boy in a box! He got inside his mega blocks box and I put them in around him. He did not want to get out and the result was cute
4. Scrapping!! It was for the RSC crop, which I had a pic of the laptop for that I deleted. I wasn't nearly as productive as I had hoped, but that's life
5. I got the prius for the afternoon so I could head out to the...
6. Stampin Up party at Heather's. It was her first as a demonstrator and it was my favorite thus far. Her home is mine these days, so it was a much better experience. The food was amazing, company was good (prolly the last time I will see preggers Sabrina this round) and I ordered some good stuff
7. TiVo - spent some time on here. Caught up on Big Love, Rescue Me, and others
8. Dylan's jeep - we actually braved the heat and rode it outside in the street while we waited for Grandma Shelley to come over. I just started feeling really bad that he was riding it in the house
9. Design Team Contract - While I was at Heather's, I pulled up my email and found out that I made the AC Bailey team. Had to sign it, scan it and send it back. Since I found out that I made the Simply Obsessed team the day before, it was a very lucky weekend scrapwise
10. Little blue eyes on the attack
11. The garage - I am still working on perfectly organzing this bad boy. I've been working with these boxes (there are a total of six) and then we're working on our pegboard system. I like the idea of not having to be up-to-date on my tetanus shots to walk through the garage
12. Jason and I took advantage of the little time off from the boy that we had and took a dinner by ourselves. Ironically, we would have been willing to bring him here, but dangit it was rolls at the end of a carb day!!

And that is it. A great weekend overall.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Ready-Set-Create weeklong crop

Do you like lots of prizes? Free stuff rocks your block? Then get over to RSC today through next Friday. Lots of online crops get to feeling rushed, but the lazy days of summer inspired Jen to stretch it over a week so that everyone could check in and do stuff at their own pace. So get over there, the list of sponsors giving stuff away is ridiculous!!

First challenge will go up today at noon from yours truly...

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Checking in...

I don't have much to say, but I figured I would check in just in case Heather gives me nasty comments like "Geez, update already" on a prior post (the girl is known to do it).

Looking forward to: Sea World with the Kellers and the Fujas!!!! We've been throwing around the idea of this trip and it just wasn't looking like it was going to happen and then suddenly everything fell into place this week. I love being with these two families and Dylan adores them, so it is win-win. Jason likes to drink and so do they, so that will be three very happy Cumbys. Our financial situation is a little iffy right now because I am not working and I haven't been offered anything yet **hint, hint little bank** but I was not going to turn down a vacation that I am sure we will treasure and make excellent scrap memories with. Plus, we didn't really go anywhere this summer except Austin and any Texan knows that doesn't count. Counting the days to San Antonio...

The **hint, hint** is for a job interview I had on Monday. I really hate to jinx it by getting the least bit excited, but oh well. I've been really happy staying home with Dylan and had set aside money so that I could stay home with him permanently. A friend of mine that I've known since 7th grade called because he works for a little bank and that bank was looking for someone with a banking and teaching background with communications education to work in their version of Learning and Development creating and teaching training materials. It was right up my alley and I thought there could be no harm in applying and interviewing. Well, I did and I want it. The place is two minutes from my home, the position is awesome and the words "working from home"even came up in the course of the conversation. I would also be working side-by-side with this friend and I really love hanging out with this guy, so it would be lots of laughs. They let me know at the interview that everyone had different skills on the team, but the person I would be replacing was the only one who had actually worked in a branch meaning that my resume was more and more attactive. They also said they were just starting to interview and it could be a couple of weeks before they would know. I got a text from my friend that night saying they loved me...just hoping they loved me enough and they don't find anyone better. We didn't even talk about money, but hopefully that won't be too much of an issue. Word on the street is that the smaller banks don't lowball the way bigger banks, so fingers crossed.

Finally,the master bath is almost complete. I've been to BB&B twice now trying to get the right accessories and my goal is to finish this weekend and start fully using it. The ceiling and walls still need some touch up paint, the bath needs one more good scour to get sticky stuff off of it from promotional stickers, etc. Then it is the hardware, the shower rod and hooks and toilet paper holders and all. The new bathroom has amazing storage and is looking great. A reminder of where we've been and where we are going (after over a year, sadly)...

2004-01-29 Foxwood Master Bath 1

2006-06-11 Foxwood Master Bath 4

2007-02-09 Foxwood Master Bath 8

2007-01-14 Foxwood Master Bath 4