Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Water babies

Dylan and I joined Heather and the kids on a day trip down to Galveston. I had chocolate milk for breakfast, so it put me in the mood to swim in some thick brown sludge. Lucky for me, it turns out Dylan loathes the water and he whimpered/cried every time we got in it. He did like the sand and played in that. Megan, as always, showed Dylan what was up by triumphantly splashing through the water and grinning as she ate it and handfuls of wet sand. Look closely and you will see that Dylan is giving Mother Nature the bird.
2006-05-24 Beach 11 DC MK
Cam had a good time too, between playing in the ocean and being buried by his mama. He looks miserable, doesn't he?
2006-05-24 Beach 15 Buried closeup
Finally, me and my screaming boy. I would put Heather's family shot, but I should get her permission before I put pics of her hot bod on here...
2006-05-24 Beach 29 BC DC
I got an awesome burn that is all blotchy, like I put sunscreen on poorly. I actually didn't put it on at all (I know.) It looks like angel wings, but that pic will not make it on here as well. Dylan didn't burn thankfully, although in some of our pics you can see the sun reflecting off of his pasty white skin nicely.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Diaper Duty

Saw this on Jason's blog and LOL'd. I think he found this trolling around on Flickr. Dylan's diapers don't usually require such scrutiny, since you can feel his spearheads a lot of the time through his diaper (I think you can figure out why we call them spearheads, yummy). This also reminds me that Dylan pooped on the bathroom rug the other day. He had taken a bath and I sat him down on his towel while I finished drying off. I looked over and he was bent over going "uhhhhhhhh." Mmm good.

Here's me playing catch up with getting all my scrapped stuff onto my blog. I have been working on a Book of Jason/Book of Us and it has been taking forever, so I haven't had a lot else to put on here.
2006-05-07 Twins Bday
2006-03-12 A hopping bday

The last one is really cool because it has a mini album under that pic of Will on his throne.

Friday, May 12, 2006

My baby boy is almost one...

and I have invitations to get out. I made these on the computer and am matting them on white cs with green inking. I will print the rest of the info on the back so people know where to go.
The invite:

And some of the choice picks from the shoot:

Who doesn't loooove those sobbing, pouty "U" faces?!

Heather Crocker

The cookies Heather mentioned in her blog for everyone's viewing pleasure...please note that I had the chance to decorate my cans based on the cookies and that Wilton warrants Doodlebug - Heather's FAVORITE line, or FAVOURITE for my non-American friends. Send her all your old stuff, she will put it under her pillow and have sweet dreams. Oh yeah, the cookies...mine turned out awful so only like one of mine is being gifted and hers are being used and some even regifted. I will be the hit of Mother's Day, all thanks to Heather...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bye Derek

Cate just let me know that an old friend of ours, Derek Lindsey, passed away this weekend. I am sad because I didn't find out until after the funeral, and I was unaware that at 26 I need to be watching the obits.

It has been years since I hung out with Derek, he and I hung out daily for awhile when I was 18 and casually hung out since I was around 15 or 16. What I loved about Derek was his joy and the fact that he was able to pull anyone into it. He was fun, crazy and loved attention and was usually the center of it. It was hard not to laugh when you were with Derek, and now there's a little more laughter in heaven I guess.

This pic is of Derek and a friend of ours that I nabbed from his memorial site from back in the days, I haven't dug up mine somehow. His obit and memorial page:

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dylan is tyke trash

Jason sent me this link today about this lady who is lamenting about how some of us choose to dress our children in shirts with naughty messages. She says our kids will be in therapy, as I am sure hers are as well for having to deal with the stick that is so far up her you-know-where.

If they were cheaper, Dylan would own more of these types of shirts because frankly I am more amused by "Cuter than Baby Jesus" or "Daddy drinks because I cry" than seeing one more Carter's onesie with animals and pastels. Unfortunately, you have a rather limited audience for shirts like the baby Jesus one, and as a result the shirt hasn't left the hanger. I thought about it for Easter but that is more of a Christmas shirt since Jesus is grown up on Easter and not a baby at all. Then, it turns out a lot of people worship Jesus and would be offended and though I like to make people laugh, I am not inclined to want to offend people. Especially people like Jason's dad or something.

Here are more funny shirts. Don't click on the link if you are the least bit likely to be offended because a lot of it actually is. I am a nice person, please don't think any less of me because of this...
I think I am going to order Dylan the Hug Dealer one tonight.

And frankly, if you want to address how parents allow their children to dress and how that creates a need for therapy and pole dancing lessons, step into the little girls' section of any department store, Limited Too, etc and try to explain to me why it is okay to dress your six year old like a teen ho. Heather and I saw a 13 or 14 year old at the zoo yesterday with a shirt that said "My shirt would look good on your floor". Yeah, if I was interested in going to prison. Over some kid who hasn't finished puberty. And still carries 4 different forms of venereal disease. Now that's trash...

Trucking along

on my Holiday album, I would love to have this thing done by weekend end, but we will have to see on that. Here's my latest contribution that took several days for some reason. It is BG Blitzen and I busted out the sewing machine for it. The little rhinestones I put on Miracle and Nolda don't show up in the picture and that is a crying shame

2005-12-25 Miracle on Nolda St contd
Heard me talking about gardening and wondering if I was lying for attention? I have the proof right here, here's the fence Jason and Paul put up and the little bed I did this week. It was plain grass and wall before, and still needs addl soil and mulch. Those are both in the garage and too heavy for little ol' me to bring out.

The fence has cool molding on top so we look special, and they did the pickets on both sides so there is no bad side. While that is cool, I wonder why we just didn't make a second fence with it around the TC Jester side of the house. Oh well, one day I guess...

Monday, May 01, 2006

My muse is napping

and yet I am still scrapping. It resulted in this non-impressive blob:

This week I need to get on the phone and start setting up times to go to the different schools get in classroom observation. I need 25 hours, which is a lot considering I have to find someone to watch Dylan everytime. But I have had some lovely offers from some lovely people, so I will start this week. I went to the orientation this weekend, so I am feeling a little excited and a bit more prepared.