Sunday, May 21, 2006

Diaper Duty

Saw this on Jason's blog and LOL'd. I think he found this trolling around on Flickr. Dylan's diapers don't usually require such scrutiny, since you can feel his spearheads a lot of the time through his diaper (I think you can figure out why we call them spearheads, yummy). This also reminds me that Dylan pooped on the bathroom rug the other day. He had taken a bath and I sat him down on his towel while I finished drying off. I looked over and he was bent over going "uhhhhhhhh." Mmm good.

Here's me playing catch up with getting all my scrapped stuff onto my blog. I have been working on a Book of Jason/Book of Us and it has been taking forever, so I haven't had a lot else to put on here.
2006-05-07 Twins Bday
2006-03-12 A hopping bday

The last one is really cool because it has a mini album under that pic of Will on his throne.


Kache said...

Very funny diaper diagram, I guess people are that stupid!
Cool layouts I really like the matchbook cards

shannon said...

cute pics and the diaper thing is hilarious!! i totally could have used that for my girlfriend's shower card!!

Heather said...

rofl- I saw that somewhere else too! GO figure with Jason!

KJ said...

That diaper thing is hysterical! Lovin' all your scrappy stuff!