Saturday, December 12, 2009

I wonder...

if Blogger has hurt feelings that Facebook has made it obsolete? I imagine that I am not the only one who hasn't posted on her blog in months. And truly, when I went to type in a clever title here as I am so apt to do, I typed in the words automatically assuming that everyone would know the words "Brandy Cumby is" are meant to precede whatever it was I was to insert next. As the theme song to Cheers testifies, I want to go where everybody knows my name. And they're always glad I came. Unfortch, no one on the planet Blogger knows me or is waiting for me, but on Facebook everyone is waiting to hear about what I had for breakfast or what my witty thought for the day is. Or so I would like to believe.

All this to say, hello Bloggers, if you are still out there. Just checking in. Enjoy a picture from last is old news in the FB world...

2009-12-04 Snow Man (5)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Officially in my 30s...

And how do you celebrate your 30th? By pretending you're a kid and heading to Disneyworld!! We went up the day before my birthday and were there a total of 5 nights. Five days at the parks was both a blast and exhausting. I loved seeing Dylan see all this stuff for the first time and Jason was totally a sport, even though it was a million degrees. My favorite times were at Magic Kingdom, where there were hardly any waits and I could just walk on to all the rides on a whim and ride them over and over. Can't beat that!

2009-09-12 Magic Kingdom (41)

2009-09-13 MK (58)

2009-09-13 Magic Kingdom (58)

hollywood 5

2009-09-16 Both Kingdoms (69)

Yup, I'm now in my thirties. I don't know what to think about this new milestone, even though I've spent a good portion in one way or another obsessed by it for a good portion of my 29th year. I did not want to be that person who obsesses, but nevertheless I was. It's not that I'm just a drama queen, it's just that my own mortality has come into focus and all the violence and sadness around me and in the world suddenly at once felt like it all could, and would, happen to me at some point. I've always been under the belief that bad things happen to other people, and I realize death and illness happen to everyone, and suddenly the tick tocck timer was running out. I'm working on not obsessing on that, but the fact of the matter is that one day that pain in my arm will be my heart stopping or that car running the red light might run into me and one day I will be walking towards the proverbial light. So what to do in the meantime?

I assume more Disney once we've recovered from this, some more travels, more milestones and some good times in between. Definitely need to start working towards some new goals so I can grow as a person and bask in the glory of being me =)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Anything to avoid work...

Yes, I should be working right now. However, I am very busy trying to think of anything in the world other than that to do. I've uploaded pics, trolled Facebook, watched the rain and laid with Dylan to smell his Skittle breath and watch WordGirl. Now I'm here!!

I've been out and about lately, had to hit up Annapolis for a work meeting and then Anne and I took a train from Baltimore to NYC. I want to ride a train again, there is no better way to travel. I mean, it's fast, easy and there are power outlets at each seat. Heaven to a girl who never puts down her laptop! I also managed to pick up Anne's cold, which weeks later is still holding on. Fantastic. Highlights of Annapolis:

Anne and I at an Irish pub:
2009-06-30 Annapolis QA (4)

Crab Omelette (that's heaven!)
2009-07-02 Annapolis QA (1)

And a boat ride in the Bay
2009-07-01 Annapolis QA (22)

NYC was fun, though short and made terribly short by how sick I was on Saturday. Basically I had to hide out at the movie theatre and sleep because I was throwing up everything I'd had all week and with check-out at noon and our flight leaving at 8...well, you get it. So I missed Central Park, but got to play downtown, see 9 to 5 with Allison Janney on Broadway and catch a comedy show at like midnight on the upper west side.

Anne and I in Times Square (yes, the mullet is slowly growing)
2009-07-02 NYC Times Sq (13)

As close as we got to the Statue of Liberty on 4th of July weekend
2009-07-03 NYC Battery Park (8)

Headed to the show
2009-07-03 NYC Up all night (1)

And the after-show at the comedy club
2009-07-03 NYC Up all night Stand Up NY (2)

And guess what, Mom?! I was on the subway at 3 am and totally was not raped or killed. Whoo hoo!! Unfortunately, being sick on Saturday meant Anne and I were not able to fulfill our dream of laying as though dead in Central Park and taking a picture, as if Agent Stabler and the SVU crew were on their way to pick us up. A real tragedy there.

Had a quick lunch with Andi, Chad, Mom and Jim on Sunday

And then Tues, Dylan and I headed to Galveston for our annual beach trip with Heather and hers and Rita and hers. Turns out Dylan despises the beach, as he has deemed it "dirty." He's right, so I didn't fight it. I was happy to work in the condo and he played video games and then we spent some time in the pool too. I'm very excited about the addition of the game Blokus to my game vocab and
can thank Heather for that one. Good thing I took beach pics as quickly as I did or it would be as if he were never there. At least he got a Nintendo DS out of it, since he fell in love with it as everyone else already has one.



Galveston is still recovering from Ike last September, you see fields and wonder if it was always a field or it is just one now. Many things under construction, lots of new piers and stairs to the beach. I have to believe this will be a calm hurricane season because none of us have fully recovered from Ike. At least I've learned to put plants under the places where my sun room still leaks from the tree that fell on it. Thanks to Jason for that stroke of genius! Later, tators...

Sunday, July 05, 2009

I know, I know...

If I don't just sit down and post something, I think I never will. Basically, I fell off the end of the world, but I am back. And before I forget, I was trying to edit the names on the links on the side and some actually got deleted. It's not worth cutting yourself over, I promise. Just let me know and I'll add you back, I'm not sure what all I screwed up on there and who I am missing. Sorry 'bout that.


The kiddo graduated his first year of Preschool; there was a wonderful little graduation ceremony where Dylan refused to sing along and instead stared at the ceiling out of sheer boredom. He's a cutie, this one:


Then came Dylan's fabulous 4th birthday party. The invites were seriously the cutest, though I did rip them off from some eBay people. The party went well but there were WAY too many people in this house. The highlight was the mostly finished garage playroom where we set up a projector and actually got to rock out to Guitar Hero. That really served as the afterparty, but for the peeps who didn't want to walk away from free beer and Capri Sun, it was pretty fun.

2009-06-07 Dylans 4th Bday (18)

2009-06-07 Dylans 4th Bday (51)

It was great to have everyone over, to show off our pretty much done house and stunning yard and all that but SHEESH too many people. Always a bummer because you never get to spend anytime with anyone, you just run around like a chicken with its head off.

Dylan and I got a Wii Fit for Jason for Father's Day. I was going to post the video of Dylan doing yoga and then giving himself a thumbs up when the instructor tells him "good job," but Flickr and Blogger aren't wanting to cooperate. Sigh. Let me try this:

Hey, I think that worked. Other than that, just been working hard and looking forward to celebrating my 30th with Dylan, Jason and Disney! About to update my scrap stuff too, if anyone is still interested in anything like that. You can find it here

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother Loving Day!!

Dylan's school did an adorable little song and dance for Mother's Day on Friday... kids did a song of "I'm a little teacup" and "You are my sunshine." Let's just say that my Guitar-Loving punk of a kid was dancing to the beat of his own drum. The other kids were so stoic and standing up straight while my kid was flailing arms and booty dances. Classic Rockstar Dylan. Afterwards, the kiddos served the parents drinks and snacks and we got these cuties:

2009-05-08 Mothers Day School (6)

2009-05-08 Mothers Day School (9a)

And because you know I could never resist, some Mother Loving from Justin and Andy... Happy Mother's Day, everyone!!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Heard... my living room tonight:

The three of us are in the living room and we're playing Guitar Hero, per Dylan's pre-bedtime ritual. Basically he makes us play guitar and he sings and dances the songs he chooses for us before we read books.

Dylan: "Mama, don't get booed off"
Mama: "I'm trying"
Dylan: "You're trying to get booed off."

Insert laughter here =)

Not as funny as this:

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break, fin

**but first of all, eek! Justin Timberlake as comic character Cathy's husband on SNL last week was so cute, but then his skank nasty fish lipped girlfriend came on too. Boo!! Still worth it, love me some Timberlake!!**

It's almost over. My car hasn't left its spot in days and Jason actually confronted me on it. Whatev.

I managed to deal with having my kid home all week, rain and muddy weather for the first half, and being sick several of the days and still ending up super productive in many ways. I got more than my fair share of reports in for work. I managed to finally get someone in to come grind all our stumps (you can actually run in my backyard without tripping now unless you're just clumsy). I planted a ton of junk and got my order of Galveston Euculyptus in (click on it, they are cool). These boogers grow 6 to 10 feet per year so soon I don't have to acknowledge anyone is around my house. I want to be an island...or at least a house that doesn't border the least nice part of the Mexican border. I mean, I am almost sure that someone escaped from there through our back yard last night. There were flashing lights (will the trees block those? we'll see...) and I swear I hear noises, but my current insomnia has me imagining everything. The lights really were there, along with loud yelling in espanol. It's like a telenovela back there, all night long. Anyways, trying to pull the proverbial curtains on that whole thing.

Nothing else much going on. We watched "Zach and Miri Make a Porno" last night Sidenote - if I didn't put the quotes on that it would look like Jason and I witnessed our acquaintances do this. Which would have been fun as well, I think being a fly on the wall at a porn set could make for delightfully hilarious conversation. Others may disagree. But what we can all agree on is that Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks are both adorable. Loving them both. And being a fly on the wall in any room that guy is talking would also be hilarious.

Finally, if anyone (like Heather) cares, I finally updated my scrap blog. There's a link on the side over there ========================>
Did you know I even put all my stuff there? Well, it's most of it and oddly it goes back to 2006, if you can believe that. Anyways, still not buying stuff but I can occasionally be convinced to make a card with some stash. At some point it started to feel like the corniest, most superficial hobby in the world. That said, I like making people stuff and I need to do something with all the pics. And it turns out poetry wasn't any less corny. You'd be shocked at how similar the worlds are, in fact. I don't know what awesome, cool thing it is I think I should be doing with my time. Maybe it's part of the thrisis, who knows. I'll just keep buying my Stampin Up stuff and hoping the urge comes...