Monday, July 20, 2009

Anything to avoid work...

Yes, I should be working right now. However, I am very busy trying to think of anything in the world other than that to do. I've uploaded pics, trolled Facebook, watched the rain and laid with Dylan to smell his Skittle breath and watch WordGirl. Now I'm here!!

I've been out and about lately, had to hit up Annapolis for a work meeting and then Anne and I took a train from Baltimore to NYC. I want to ride a train again, there is no better way to travel. I mean, it's fast, easy and there are power outlets at each seat. Heaven to a girl who never puts down her laptop! I also managed to pick up Anne's cold, which weeks later is still holding on. Fantastic. Highlights of Annapolis:

Anne and I at an Irish pub:
2009-06-30 Annapolis QA (4)

Crab Omelette (that's heaven!)
2009-07-02 Annapolis QA (1)

And a boat ride in the Bay
2009-07-01 Annapolis QA (22)

NYC was fun, though short and made terribly short by how sick I was on Saturday. Basically I had to hide out at the movie theatre and sleep because I was throwing up everything I'd had all week and with check-out at noon and our flight leaving at 8...well, you get it. So I missed Central Park, but got to play downtown, see 9 to 5 with Allison Janney on Broadway and catch a comedy show at like midnight on the upper west side.

Anne and I in Times Square (yes, the mullet is slowly growing)
2009-07-02 NYC Times Sq (13)

As close as we got to the Statue of Liberty on 4th of July weekend
2009-07-03 NYC Battery Park (8)

Headed to the show
2009-07-03 NYC Up all night (1)

And the after-show at the comedy club
2009-07-03 NYC Up all night Stand Up NY (2)

And guess what, Mom?! I was on the subway at 3 am and totally was not raped or killed. Whoo hoo!! Unfortunately, being sick on Saturday meant Anne and I were not able to fulfill our dream of laying as though dead in Central Park and taking a picture, as if Agent Stabler and the SVU crew were on their way to pick us up. A real tragedy there.

Had a quick lunch with Andi, Chad, Mom and Jim on Sunday

And then Tues, Dylan and I headed to Galveston for our annual beach trip with Heather and hers and Rita and hers. Turns out Dylan despises the beach, as he has deemed it "dirty." He's right, so I didn't fight it. I was happy to work in the condo and he played video games and then we spent some time in the pool too. I'm very excited about the addition of the game Blokus to my game vocab and
can thank Heather for that one. Good thing I took beach pics as quickly as I did or it would be as if he were never there. At least he got a Nintendo DS out of it, since he fell in love with it as everyone else already has one.



Galveston is still recovering from Ike last September, you see fields and wonder if it was always a field or it is just one now. Many things under construction, lots of new piers and stairs to the beach. I have to believe this will be a calm hurricane season because none of us have fully recovered from Ike. At least I've learned to put plants under the places where my sun room still leaks from the tree that fell on it. Thanks to Jason for that stroke of genius! Later, tators...


Kory said...

That's so funny that Dylan hates the beach! I think he's the first person I've heard of who hates the beach, LOL! Sounds like you had a great time in NYC despite being sick. I wish we'd had a chance to catch something on Broadway, too.

Heather said...

Haha! love the plant idea, and love all the pics :) Had to come check it out, so I could see what updating a blog looks like...

Rita said...

Need to go look at your beach pics on flickr. The few I saw here looked awesome. I loved blokus too and need to add that to our game closet.

Janet said...

Darn, wish i were in NYC this summer so we could meet up--and I could show some of my fave things! I love 9 to 5, BTW! Oh, and I take subway at 3 AM lots--to Brooklyn!! That being said, I volunteer for this awesome organization called Right Rides that give women free rides home at late hours, so use it next time.

Glad to see you are still around SO!


Dr. kold_kadavr_flatliner, MD, the sub/dude said...

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