Monday, June 26, 2006

I'm on fire

My arm that is. Let me take you back to Saturday morning. Cate had the grand idea that my family, Cate and her fiancee would go pick blueberries out in Hockley (about 45 min- 1hr from here). We drove out and made a nice effort at putting berries in a bucket, Dylan atop Jason's shoulder.

Now this is where things go awry. We were told to go deep into the bushes because people have been picking around the outside and the bushes were getting a bit sparse. Jason reached in an angered Wally Wasp who brought the pain. I look over and Dylan is wavering back and forth as Jason tries to get away. I cry out "The baby..." as I reach to grab him and then I feel Wally's wrath on my arm over and over. Dylan never left Jason's shoulder, but Jason and I got five wasp stings between us, mine resulting in a lovely rash that I keep scratching in between keystrokes. We got 1 lb blueberries and 5 stings, Cate and her fiancee got 7 lbs and no stings. Live the magic yourself:

2006-06-24 Berry 15 Blueberry 2006-06-24 Berry 12 BC DC 2006-06-24 Berry 7 Wasps 2006-06-24 Berry 6 Wasps 2006-06-24 Berry 10 Cate 2006-06-24 Berry 2 DC JC 2006-06-24 Berry 15 Blueberry

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dude, where's my pants?

Or better yet, where is your dignity?
dude pants
I couldn't believe I hadn't already blogged this stunning piece of work, but I present my favorite video prospect from the "Guys Gone Wild" series. I have to be honest, and girls I think that I can get some support on this, but I don't like looking at a guy's junk. It has its purpose, no doubt, but yuck. I think I have a lot of supporters on this, so my conclusion is that the target market is the young gay male population. Enjoy, boys, because there aren't gonna be a lot of female takers on this one!

BTW, I have enabled anonymous comments so any of you lurkers feel free to give a "Hell yeah" to my request that the boys keep the family jewels locked up...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

People ask why I want to teach English, and a big part of it is the fact that I get soooo annoyed with people screwing up grammar, using improper forms of a word, etc. How much fun do you think I had when I went to Kroger's to buy food for the Father's Day feasts (BBQ sandwiches, whoo hoo) and saw piles of misspelled cookie cakes? Row after row, these brightly painted montages of sugar and sentiment screamed out "Made for you by idiots." I ponder now on how my father would have felt having paid for my college education only to receive a cake like this...
your a perfect
By the way, LOVE that I took that on my cell and could email it to myself to quickly get it on here. That's technology at its best.

Last night I stayed up until about two in the morning throwing this bad boy together for Jason. I depend on Dylan to serve as an alarm clock, and so I expected to get up today around seven to prepare breakfast in bed (as in go to Jack in the box, get a #15 and place it on a tray next to a flower in a small vase). Guess who woke me up at 9am?! Yes, the tray was handed to my husband in the kitchen since we were all up by the time Dylan was awake, but it is the thought that counts.
2006-06-17 Fathers Giftjpg

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Tonight I have set my attention to snazzing up my online presence so I finally put backgrounds on Dylan and my pages (Dylan earned himself a 50 cent background because he is so fricken OG) and a little header dealymabogger on the top of this page. (aww, how pretty) (the kid gets around)

I had a little fun messing with my camera yesterday, hence the photo at the top. I am determined that I have a good camera (Canon Powershot SD500) even if it isn't the pimp shizzy some people have (Rebel, anyone?), but I really think that I haven't uncovered that power because I just point and shoot pn auto and never mess with settings. The top thing was for giggles (the Mrs. Cumberland plaque was from the gang at the bank, aww nice) and the CBX photo was cool because when you pull up the pic (click on it if you want) you can see every little scratch on the hammer and in the paper. I really got the camera out to take some Father's Day pics of Dylan, but everyone will have to wait until tomorrow for that...

2006-06-16 Scrap 1

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Brandy, you're hired...

Thought I should acknowledge that I got a j-o-b today and so if I pass my test this weekend, I should be receiving a paycheck in August...whoo hoo. How long until they realize their mistake? I imagine I will be teaching a class of Seth Cohen's and they will all be smarter than me

Also, completed a mini album yesterday but took until this morning to get an online representation completed. It's a baby album for my friend who had a shower this weekend that I missed. Got to use up an entire Crate Paper pack - it is about time! Here it is...

Monday, June 05, 2006

Boy wonder Dylan turns one...

Come Wednesday, Dylan will be officially one. I have heard people talk about how is breaks their heart and they cry, but that's just not where I am at. I am grateful that Jason and I have made it a year as parents and that Dylan doesn't look like a Lil Hobo. I am grateful that despite the rotten streak Jason and I have and how rude and obnoxious we can be, that Dylan is the sweetest little boy and will hug and kiss anyone. I know that because he reached out for a busboy at a Mexican restaurant on Sunday. I am grateful that Jason has come to the terms that a child forces you to acknowledge and socialize with the public and that he didn't even try to say anything rotten to the busboy when he felt free to pick up our boy. Anyways, I think he is hilarious, sweet and wonderful and I wouldn't change a thing about him.
2006-06-02 Baking DC bw
Pic is courtesy of Heather, of course. Cutest kid ever.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Memorial Day at Lake Buchanan

Seems like a long time since I've been on here, but we've been going places! Saturday morning we drove out to Lake Buchanan which is about an hour and a half outside of Austin. When we stopped for lunch in Austin I peeked at a LSS that I had visited years ago and was very disappointed. You know how in the beginning of your scrap career a place may have really impressed you and now you wonder who buys that crap? You five years ago bought that crap!! Anywho, didn't buy a single thing in this huge store and it made me sad.

Anyways, Lake Buchanan was fab. Dylan tried pool water Sat night and went from loathing water to disliking it. Okay. Then Jason started his courageous journey to intoxication which always makes my mom and Jim amused (seriously). Jason talks a lot of junk in general and goes back on it, so I have learned not to point that out and argue with him on things, just to let him come around to where I want him to on his own. Like with having a baby, he said he didn't like kids, I knew better and sure enough he likes kids and asked for his own one day- but he got there on his own and as a result doesn't feel less cool for it. He did the same thing with the pool. I have been lobbying for a pool in the backyard for ages and he went on and on about how no one uses them and no one likes them. Then he got in one and said, "Pools are great. It would be nice to have one." Really? The thought never dawned on me...

Anyways, the place was beautiful and they even have little soaps and lotions from Bath and Body Works, so you know it was MTV Cribs stylin. Sunday morning, Andrea and Chad joined us and Mom, Jim, Andrea, Chad, Jason, Dylan and I joined Jim's friends Tom and Lisa on a boat they rented. We rode out to an island and parked to eat and swim. Dylan went from disliking water to laying his head down on his raft and singing to himself, so I guess that is good. Some highlights...
2006-05-28 Canyon 36 DC best raft 2006-05-28 Canyon 21 Chad AB 2006-05-28 Canyon 23 GG DC 2006-05-28 Canyon 25 Cums family 2006-05-28 Canyon 47 Push it good 2006-05-28 Canyon 30 BC self

Look really carefully and you can see how that ridiculous burn from Wednesday has turned into a dark brown blotch. Hot. Jason may have been drunk when he tied his shirt up like that and started striking poses. Maybe. Anyways, at the end of the boat ride Jim drove for two minutes and broke the boat, so we had to be towed ashore
2006-05-28 Canyon 57 Tow 2006-05-28 Canyon 61 DC SB bliss

We cleaned up and Dylan felt obligated to give Tad CPR in the nude...
2006-05-28 Canyon 64 DC Tad CPR

Dinner was a mess because all the podunk town had was bars (flash to Reese Witherspoon in "Sweet Home Alabama" - "You've got a a bar..."). We finally landed at a greasy spoon diner one minute before closing that had two live roosters or chicken or aliens outside. A great weekend, indeed...
2006-05-28 Canyon 65 Fresh meat