Saturday, June 17, 2006


Tonight I have set my attention to snazzing up my online presence so I finally put backgrounds on Dylan and my pages (Dylan earned himself a 50 cent background because he is so fricken OG) and a little header dealymabogger on the top of this page. (aww, how pretty) (the kid gets around)

I had a little fun messing with my camera yesterday, hence the photo at the top. I am determined that I have a good camera (Canon Powershot SD500) even if it isn't the pimp shizzy some people have (Rebel, anyone?), but I really think that I haven't uncovered that power because I just point and shoot pn auto and never mess with settings. The top thing was for giggles (the Mrs. Cumberland plaque was from the gang at the bank, aww nice) and the CBX photo was cool because when you pull up the pic (click on it if you want) you can see every little scratch on the hammer and in the paper. I really got the camera out to take some Father's Day pics of Dylan, but everyone will have to wait until tomorrow for that...

2006-06-16 Scrap 1


Kache said...

I was admiring your header pic before I read this post...looks like a cool camera to me!

KJ said...

Lovin' the header! Freaking cool! Looks like your getting pretty good photos with you're peice of junk! (btw, I purposefully put all those grammar and spelling errors on here, Mrs. Cumberland! ;))