Thursday, May 04, 2006

Trucking along

on my Holiday album, I would love to have this thing done by weekend end, but we will have to see on that. Here's my latest contribution that took several days for some reason. It is BG Blitzen and I busted out the sewing machine for it. The little rhinestones I put on Miracle and Nolda don't show up in the picture and that is a crying shame

2005-12-25 Miracle on Nolda St contd
Heard me talking about gardening and wondering if I was lying for attention? I have the proof right here, here's the fence Jason and Paul put up and the little bed I did this week. It was plain grass and wall before, and still needs addl soil and mulch. Those are both in the garage and too heavy for little ol' me to bring out.

The fence has cool molding on top so we look special, and they did the pickets on both sides so there is no bad side. While that is cool, I wonder why we just didn't make a second fence with it around the TC Jester side of the house. Oh well, one day I guess...


KJ said...

I love that sketch! It's so versatile! Your Christmas page looks great! As does your new fence!

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