Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day, guys!!!

Just wanted to drop in and say Happy Father's Day... I am sitting on the couch next to Jason and our Father's Day celebration is nearly complete. Dylan and I got up this morning and made Jason's card, breakfast in bed (that was a trip to Whataburger for breakfast taquitos), and his altered gift (see below). Jason's special gift was a Roomba, but we all sat down just a minute ago to order it and we are picking it up at Circuit City soonly. I wasn't sure which to get, which is the only reason it isn't already here. Happy Father's Day, Jason! You are a good dad and I am proud to call you my baby daddy.

Jason's had a pretty good weekend that had nothing to do with me and Dylan. Last night our corporate boat trip got cancelled because of the weather, so we went over to Mom and Jim's to give Jim his Father's Day gift (see below) and hang out. Mom and Jim on a whim decided to buy Jason's his very own shotgun and case, and I think that Jason's was pretty happy. It was kind of funny because they were so afraid he was going to mad that they got him something, but he's pretty excited to go shooting with Jim next weekend and then in Austin next month. He also is happy that if we ever have to face looters in the hood, he now has a shotgun to brandish.

Anyways, we are on to the Northside today to see Dad and we are meeting him along with Bryan and Matthew. Ugh. Not for Dad, I love seeing him, but ugh on Bryan. He owes me money, so my hope is that I can get it out of him today. I don't really even need it (who am I kidding, yeah I do!) but it is a matter of principle. The principle is that he probably makes more than we do and that I shouldn't have to loan him money so he can support a crack habit or who knows what.

On that note, happy father's day and here are the gifts I came up with for this weekend...

fathers day altered pic


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happy baby's daddy day jason!
great gifts brand! ;o)

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