Monday, November 06, 2006

In heroic couplets a la Caterbury Tales

I am home with a sick boy (yay calling in sick!) and thought I should post something. I am trying to waste time as not to read my book for school, so I will write my post in heroic couplets with iambic pentameter in tribute to the Canterbury Tales. If you don't remember the story from HS (I didn't) it is a bunch of travelers together on a pilgrimage to Canterbury. We had the kids do a modern pilgrim in the same style of Chaucer (10 syllables per line, AA BB rhyme scheme, etc), so my pilgrim will be the Blogger. Be sad for me and enjoy, and assume all insults are self directed.

And on our journey the Blogger there was
Typing away the day and night because
The people of the world wide web must be
Just on pins and needles waiting to see
The mundane happenings of this girl's life
The laundry, the family, oh what strife.

It is Monday morning, and she is there
Laptop in lap, Diet Coke next to chair
And she is off. Tappity tap tap tap
Her thoughts are out, wisdom hidden in crap.
Tales of the weekend, and the week ahead
Those reports are due, those meetings to dread
Such random musings from one woman's head
"Did you see last night's Desparate Housewives?
The bloodshed was gunshots, this time not knives
I wanted Nora to go, but I hope
Lynette feels no blame, it was that big dope
Of a woman who did it, and that speech
that Lynette gave to her thus, let that teach
People to self pity and let rage out
In the supermarket, without a doubt."

She moves on to talk of holiday plans
Thanksgiving turkeys, stuffing and bread pans
That will quickly become pine trees and snow
Snow in Houston? It's a joke, you know!
Decorating her home, buying gifts
Thinking of her loved ones, her spirit lifts
And she makes lists of gifts she must go buy
It all must be perfect, nothing awry

On and on she goes, and typing away
Who really cares, one cannot help but say
As they read this post, and comment at length
Then move on to their blog, with equal strength
Of words and content, as useless as these
Make sure to leave a comment, pretty please
So bloggers know that it is not in jest
"My blog is important, not like the rest."

I know, next time I should fight the urge. Jason saw some book about daily blog challenges and it made me think it was okay to do something this dumb. Perhaps I should rethink that.


Anonymous said...

Very entertaining, can see why you're an English teacher :)


Kache said...

Very clever Brandy, you should take more days off in the future!

My favorite part:

Make sure to leave a comment, pretty please
So bloggers know that it is not in jest
"My blog is important, not like the rest."

shannon said...

LOVE it!
maybe your next career should be author. i know, you really want to be a porn star tho! ;o)
my mom, an english teacher, always made me write haiku's!

Heather said...

brilliant- you never fail to make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

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