Thursday, July 12, 2007

sorta got it!!

well, we didn't get to visit one of the quik-e-mart's, but austin at least has 7-11's, so i ran in and bought two six packs of buzz cola. really would have liked some krusty-o's instead, but i take what i can get. those two together are going for $20 plus shipping on ebay, ha!


they don't look exactly like that, but i am lazy and don't want to take pics. so as soon as i walked to the car, the bottom of the crappy bag magically disappated and the can hit the ground. suddenly as i was about to start a three hour drive home, my side of the prius and my leg were covered in a substance that advertises itself on the show as "twice the sugar, twice the caffeine." yeah, that it sticky and gross. it is still all over the car door, i haven't had the desire to clean it.

then when we arrived in houston, we drove by jason's dad's to pick up his little brother for a sleepover. wouldn't you know another exploded in the trunk? that would explain why the prius hatch is, you guessed it, sticky and gross. i had bought one of the six packs for heather's hubby because he seems to be a fan, but i made his a four pack. maybe he won't know the difference.

what will i do with mine? well, when my dad married my mom back in 87 and we moved in with him, he had a jolt cola in his fridge that he was proud to say that he had owned for 11 years. several moves and a lot of years later, that beyotch is still taking up refrigerator real estate. my guess is that the buzz cola will do the same.


shannon said...

how awesome. well, that you were able to go there. not that the buzz cola errupted all over your car!

Breana said...

you're crazy silly. i'm glad it made you so happy though!

Scrap_N_Angel said...

lol, funny girl.

Kache said...

That stuff's probably strong enough to seep into your bloodstream, and possibly take off the paint job on the car.


Susan said...

ya know, I hear cola can clean stains from your toilet, better watch out that stuff doesn't eat a hole thru your car!

Heather said...

Brent appreciates all the effort, trust me.