Monday, March 24, 2008

Needing a weekend from my weekend...

As many I am sure are as seems like some weekends are just go, go and Easter weekend was no exception. Not that we do a thing to acknowledge the Christian reason for the season (good ol JC) or the pagan roots (a Saxon fertility celebration in honor of the Goddess Eastre whose sacred animal was a hare, you know we weren't looking for babies). No, our respects were paid to the figures Reese's, Hershey's and Brach's.

Saturday we did a little takeout BBQ and easter egg hiding out back with Karen and Paul. I really loved all the things she "hid" for him all over - eggs filled with everything from puzzles, alpha magnets and treats, cars, juice boxes, fruit, rubber duckies, chalk, bubbles, stickers and on and on. Really adorable, here are a couple pics:

2008-03-22 Easter KT Paul 072

2008-03-22 Easter KT Paul 002

2008-03-22 Easter KT Paul 017

He didn't hunt for long, he finally sat with the puzzle and chalk and made his grandma go find the eggs in the yard with more pieces. Very adorable, very fun. The next day was where the go, go, go was. We got up and did our little Easter thing with Dylan's basket. He had already seen the little Thomas toys and had wrangled them away, but I did put them back in the basket for a pic...that basket happens to be the one I grew up with. My mom seemed surprised, but I tend to be both nostalgic and cheap so it works well

2008-03-23 Easter AM 004

Then it was off to the Hix's for the Cumberland brunch...really it was just Grandma Cumberland and the families of two of her daughters plus us, and we were glad they let us join them for a bit. The kids especially loved the playdohing, Danica and Dylan have quite a future in Playdoh Tea Parties

2008-03-23 Easter Brunch 003

2008-03-23 Easter Brunch 019

And then finally it was on to my mom's and Jim's... we decided not to really celebrate with the big dinner and such, so we went over, did a basket and then hit the park and Chuy's Mexican. About the park, let me say this. Our intention was to go to Memorial Park (gigantic park for those non-Houstonians, has a gigantic track, tennis clubs, volleyball courts, multiple playgrounds, pool, so on). It turns out though that over Easter weekend, the park becomes a living area a la Grapes of Wrath. If I had to take a guess, this would be mostly apartment dwellers or those with small homes, so they take the extended family here and set up picnic tents, sleeping tents, bbq pits and pinatas. They were everywhere, I could hardly see the actual playground through the swarms. Jason and I vetoed that and found a quieter park where, while pretty busy, was mostly peaceful. I say mostly because there was a huge family party there. Since we didn't go into the actual playground they didn't bother us except for this:

2008-03-23 Easter Jim Shel 077

Yup, the idiots not only bought chicks for one day's pleasure, but they bought ones dyed different colors. Animal abuse at its best. Anyways, here are a couple pics from hanging with Mom and Jim, hope you had a nice day and that you can catch some zzz's...

2008-03-23 Easter Jim Shel 010

2008-03-23 Easter Jim Shel 037

2008-03-23 Easter Jim Shel 043

2008-03-23 Easter Jim Shel 135

2008-03-23 Easter Jim Shel 119

2008-03-23 Easter Jim Shel 128

2008-03-23 Easter Jim Shel 126

and finally, the shot where Dylan too has had enough and can't lift his head from Daddy's shoulder...

2008-03-23 Easter Jim Shel 065


Queen of Paper said...

This is so fun and I love all the photos! LOVE THEM. thanks for sharing

shannon said...

love that last picture.

Heather said...

love the eggs... very purdy. And Dylan cashes in for Easter- better than Christmas for some!

Breana said...

i love ALL these photos but that last one is AMAZING!!!

Angela said...

Love the shirt, I still live with my parents. Where did you find that? Otherwise I will have to make my own. Fits my son to a tee!