Saturday, July 05, 2008

More words.

So, yeah, all kinds of stuff going on.

2008-07-03 CM Kolby 021

I got Dylan a haircut and part of what held me back was that his best friend Kolby was rocking the same look. I finally did it, thinking Shana might be inspired by Dylan and cut Kolby's only to find that Shana and I share a brain and Kolby had finally cut his too, the same week. That may not sound so monumental except that these boys have been rocking the long hair for like nine months and without mentioning it to each other we both cut the boys hair off.

Since we had to work at the house all day yesterday, we kept close and went with Shana and fam to the fireworks downtown. It was like a ten min drive from our houses to Jeff's work where we went to the top of the garage of American General and watched the fireworks. Any pics of the kids were awful since I didn't have the insight to bring the little camera for candids and the Rebel for the fireworks. Oh well, here are the fireworks and our awesome skyline (which I actually really heart)

2008-07-04 Fireworks 003

2008-07-04 Fireworks 054

2008-07-04 Fireworks 058

And the house. It is moving along quite nicely. Raul started the drywall work a little early and it was a total a-ha moment walking in and really seeing more of the vision for where the house is going. He and his bros do amazing work, for sure. I picked out the colors for the house and I am a little anxious that they may have been too much, but we'll see. The "whole wheat" and "basket beige" for like 60% of the house doesn't worry me, it was my choice of green, blue and yellow-y color for the dining room, playroom, Dylan's room and bathrooms that have me a little worried. How bad could it be, right? We'll see.

It is amazing how quickly you burn through a budget on a big project like this. We're on track with what we said we'd spend on each step, it is just still sad to see how much our Brookwoods account has depleted. But then again, we've never done an entire home in this short a time, so projects stretched out on the last house never felt like much. I'd like to remind you all that we've now owned this house...18 days. These pics are as of Thurs night, projects have been going on all weekend and I will those pics up soonly...

2008-07-03 Brookwoods 009

2008-07-03 Brookwoods 008

2008-07-03 Brookwoods 001

2008-07-03 Brookwoods 004

2008-07-03 Brookwoods 003

Til next time...


The Hulsey Family said...

It's looking great! I can't believe how fast this has happened! I'm so anxious to see your colors too!

Michelle Lanning said...

woohoo looking good!

Ronda S. said...

awww his haircut is too cute!! And LOVE your skyline/fireworks photos!! Awesome!

shannon said...

yay progress.
and those pics are fabulous!

Heather said...

great pics of the fireworks! little scared if you and shana share a brain...

ellen said...

yeah for progress!!!

what an awesome view for those fireworks!!!! and cute haircuts!

Rita said...

LOVE Dylan's new haircut! He's looking so grown up though. And the fireworks pictures are really great!

And, yes, I blogged!

twinsand2boys said...

THe hair cutting thing must be going around...both of my twins had the longer surfer dude hair and we just cut theirs off as well. Dylan and his friend look adorable!

You take great pics of fireworks!

KJ said...

OMG, those photos are AMAZING!!!