Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hurricane Season and trying to move on

First of all, let me share with you the joys of hurricane season and staring at this sign all the frickin time:

2008-09-00 Random Random Ike

Yup, all season long we get to reminded that at a moment's notice that we have to drop everything and go into hiding. I tried to ask my mom if it has always been like this where everytime a breeze blows in the gulf we gather bottled water and take three days off work and she swears we have, but I call BS. I think it's all been since Katrina which isn't even based in reality since that was the result of a levee breech, not just a basic hurricane. I remember Tropical Storm Allison effing our world up, but if we stopped everytime a Tropical Storm came by... oh wait, that's why we were all off back on Karen's birthday. Thanks, Eduord! We should know by 3 tomorrow if Jason's work is sending us to Austin, but based on the latest tracker we're screwed. Totally screwed. Make sure to look at ever pic of the new house, there are like hundreds of trees on our nice wooded lot ready to land on the house or put out a nice expensive new window.

Some happier things... I discovered the other day that despite my weekly trips to Ikea for the last like five years, I had never discovered the special front row parking they have for me. I usually park over by pick up, but by the entrance there are these two special spots that both happen to work for moi:

2008-09-00 Random Ikea Family

2008-09-00 Random Ikea Hybrid

I love how hippie dippy they pretend to be with shizz like that and making you pay to use plastic bags, but considering all the boxes I've had to destroy of theirs since every little piece of my kitchen came in its own little box, all their catalogs that have floated around my house since they wouldn't put it online, and the general disposable nature of their furniture - well, I have to call BS on their green conscience story.

And now the most wonderful work of the week -- the beginnings of the fence and gate in the front to separate us from the neighbors who piggy backed onto our driveway as well as protect us from would be robbers and rapists who would sit and wait for me as I unpack groceries. I know, paranoia, but I've loved having all that here at MIL's and I like this whole fortress thing we've got going on. We scored that gate off Craig's List (I was soooo scared it wasn't going to work out, it seems like we got a way decent deal on a 3-5 year old Italian wrought iron gate) and so last weekend the boys worked on the driveway. Initially there was going to be this two foot wide trench until the boys realized how much it sucked to cut concrete. Suddenly, it was just a couple large holes for posts. Tee hee, but it works. Paul's worked this week on the fence and it looks awesome. He still will do some decorative work on top, another small fence by the house and then the black wrought iron gate will tie it all together.

3008-09-10 Brookwoods Driveway (1)

3008-09-10 Brookwoods Driveway (14)

3008-09-10 Brookwoods Driveway (13)

I am finally to the point where I think I am ready to live by myself (sniff) so I have been working on doing my small part to get things ready to go, cleaning and unpacking and such. Too bad we'll be evacuating this weekend, this was totally going to be somewhat of a work weekend...and my birthday weekend. All birthday celebrations planned are now postponed - bummer. Was looking forward to my yellow cake with choc icing from my mom, sniff...


Heather said...

I had to laugh- your birthday hurricane weekend reminded me of mine that came during Rita three years ago.... boy was that fun! House is looking great... can'

KJ said...

That wrought iron gate rocks!! What an awesome get!

Sorry about the packin' up due to the hurricane.

Happy early birthday, though!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday and stay safe!


**Nancy** said...

Be safe, Brandy!

ellen said...

oh boy. the fence! it's gorgeous. i love that kinda schtuff.
so i guess you really can buy your own parking space, huh?

be safe and have a good bday