Sunday, December 07, 2008

Who wants an update?!

You all do!! Yay, here you go!

I tell you what. Life is good. I could complain right now. I swear Dylan changed so much in the week I was gone to Maryland. I haven't seen my friends in forever, I can hardly wait to be through the holidays so life can settle back into the routines of Pump it Up with Shana and the kids and Tuesdays with Heather and Meggo. But that time will come soon and in the meantime I've been having some good times. I've been a traveling fool, first with Jason's job, then Thanksgiving, then my work traveling. I've seen a grand total of six states in the last month, from Washington State to Washington DC.

First of all, yes, I got a job. I won't bore you with the details (and CG, if you are googling again here's your shoutout) but it is a fab opportunity and the time I spent in Maryland has me even more excited. I'm in Chicago now for my second bit of training, right now it is 18 degrees and says it feels like 10. I can vouch for that. It is snowing right now, which is amazing to me since I haven't seen snow like that in my life minus the year I lived in Plano. I also felt my snot freeze earlier. Seriously. But I mastered the El Train (why, I don't know. It smells like hobos, but I thought it a better option than a shuttle at rush hour when I return Tuesday nights). I was pretty impressed with myself over that feat, sorta feeling like I'm invincible and can take on anything. I won't be doing much sightseeing, esp since me, Heather, Bre and Lisa saw nearly everything when we came here and met up with the Boom Boom girls, but I am within sight of Millenium Park and will have to pass it on the way to work and I will be stopping in there. For now, I am sitting in a badass room in the Hard Rock Hotel (really awesome hotel, btw!) and eating junkfood and watching some Netflix movies I've had forever. Awesomely enough, this room has a DVD player with stereo surround so I am not even bothering to watch it on a laptop. Fun!

But let me go back to last week. Last week I reported for duty in Maryland, flying into Baltimore and I realized I might as well take the rest of my travel day and go to Washington DC. Holy Moly. I don't think I've been as emotionally overwhelmed or humbled like that by a place in a long time. Standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial and then walking along the reflecting pool to the WW II Memorial... it was supremely humbling and frankly I don't get that humbled ever. But especially after this last election and the hope I have for this country I know needs to make positive changes and will... yeah, I got a little misty. And here are some awesome pics:






So in conclusion, I'm busy as heck and ever so grateful for everyday. I feel like I've seen so much in the last month and it's a blast. And yes, I can't wait for it to settle down. For now though, I just want to get home and get ready for Christmas. Decorate our tree, buy some gifts, and enjoy watching Dylan love every second of the season. He gets it this year, finally, and it is so fun to watch his excitement. The next couple of weeks will be magic =) Til next time...


Angela said...

Congrats on your new job! And loved the Washington pics. I so want to go there!

shannon said...

ahhh, snotsicles. nothing like em.
the mag mile is beautiful all decorated. hope your training goes well... will think of you when i'm downtown wednesday! ;o)

Heather said...

gorgeous pics, and I totally miss ya. the end.

KJ said...

Wow! You've been crazy busy, girl! Congrats on the new job, too. Yeah, frozen've just not lived 'til you've experienced that. Awesome pics!

Rita said...

Okay...who are you and what have you done with the Brandy I know and love? You're all positive and happy and loving life...hmmm. Maybe that's what traveling away from southeast Texas will do to a girl. :-)

twinsand2boys said...

Im so glad that you are loving your new job. I dont know how you got the newsletter and all your other stuff done with as busy as you are superwoman!!

Liz said...

wow... that is super busy! Congrats on the new job!

I tagged you... ;)

Emilie Ahern said...

GORGEOUS pictures!
We need to visit there while on the East Coast.
There just aren't enough weekends in the year!!!