Sunday, March 08, 2009

Congrats! You have earned a post!

There seems like very little to talk about, but Heather said to and so I shall.

First of all, I learned the term for what I'm going through/emerging from while I was watching "ER" yesterday while scrapping. It's called a thrisis, or like the third of life crisis I have alluded to in the past. I am also going to mass diagnose and say that a lot of my friends and their loved ones are emerging from thrises (?) and I'm glad we all survived. It's not my place to share other people's business and I certainly don't feel like highlighting all my lunacy, but basically many people I've known have spent, ah, let's say September through February in a funk. I'm not pulling out the nose ring today, but I may grow my hair back some and I am trying to be a little less self destructive. May or may not get the back's worth of tattoos I have sketched out. Less time focused on the things I perceive are missing in my life (which are mostly BS and come from watching too much TV instead of reading books) and more time being hella (yeah, I'm bringing it back) grateful that my life is good as it is. And believe it or not, my brief foray into meds and my decision to stop them has been incredibly productive as to bringing me back to a little place I like to call Earth. Another post will have to be dedicated to my Lexapro withdrawal, I had no idea that stopping would imitate heroin withdrawals, but my brother (the actual street drug addict) has verified that it is. The stuff is toxic, stay away.

Speaking of ER, I went to one last week. I had a migraine and decided to shower. I slipped a la a cartoon character slipping on a banana peel. Hit two places on my head and my elbow and wouldn't have thought much of it had my elbow not enlarged immediately to the size of a baseball. It was Go Texan Day (non-Texans, it means the rodeo's coming so dress your kids like little cowboys and cowgirls, lame) and I was bummed because instead of watching the stick horse parade, I was going to the ER. Boo. Here's Dylan and his #1 Cowgirl, Angelina before we left:

2009-02-27 Texan Elbow (2)

So we settled on Memorial Hermann over at Memorial City which was terribly nice, believe it or not. Got an x-ray and catscan, but really the bonuses were the IV meds including morphine for my arm (which I stopped feeling 2 minutes after I got it) and the anti-inflammatories. Between the meds, my migraine was taken care of and I left with only a golfball sized lump on my elbow. I felt ridiculous for going to the ER since I had never been in my life, but the way my elbow hurt all week and looked gross, it was the right thing to do. Still, I felt like a drama queen until I finally got some gnarly bruises to show for it, which ended up stretching all the way around my arm. Never could get a photo that accurately represented the huge nastiness it was though, sad. So now you will all think I was faking it too.

2009-02-27 Texan Elbow (4)

2009-03-02 Elbow

Other than that, not much going on. Guitar Hero continues to run Jason and Dylan's life to the point where they broke the drums twice and we had to bring the whole thing into Target for a new set. Go Target for kindly exchanging it with no questions. I am a big believer in, if this isn't quality merchandise and it breaks and I spent a lot I want a new one, but not all the merchants agree and I didn't expect Target to be one that did. But they were, as was Fossil who replaced my brand new sunglasses that spontaneously fell apart in my bag after I wore them twice. I already hated myself for spending that much on stupid sunglasses, so that wasn't going to work. Brought it in and they gave me new ones. Whoo hoo.

2009-03-05 Sleepy Hero

Where the post gets uninteresting for most... me talking current events. The economy has me bummed a lot because I see my loved ones suffering for it (parents and brother unemployed, others dropping like flies). It's really frustrating because I feel this had to happen. They talk about housing bubbles and tech bubbles, but Americans have lived in one big bubble, period. I feel like this is an opportunity to ground ourselves and figure out where we really stand instead of looking for the next big bubble to jump on. I always have hated people who think they can get something for nothing, via gambling or stocks, and I expect my fair share and not much else. I know I won't strike it rich, no lotto for me. If I have extra money, I expect extra bills will materialize and they do. So, as Notorious BIG said, mo' money, mo' problems. I also hate when people feel they are entitled to "the good life" and I resent those people plus all the people who thought they could achieve "growth" in their respective industries by supplying those people with that life via big screen TVs and new houses and were shocked when they couldn't pay. People need to determine their means and live within them. Period. Industries need to accept honest growth instead of inflated forced numbers. The American economy going forward isn't going to work if both don't happen. Just my opinion, self righteous as ever.

Me? I heard the FDIC had to ask for a loan. They are the guys who, ahem, insure our bank deposits. I've got as much in savings as I intend to have for right now. I am investing my money in the things around me - my home, my car, etc. It's good for the economy that the money is still being spent and frankly if it is lost this way, I won't feel so bad as I will if the banks go bust. So I've dumped tons into paying off the Prius a year early and I will be saving the rest for the biggest down payment I can on the one we need to buy in the fall to replace mine since it is getting old. And no GM for me, I'd like someone to be around to enforce the warranty in a couple years. Sticking with Toyota and hopefully another hybrid. No more gas dependence on foreign oil and I'd be happy to spend more money on a vehicle that can make that happen. Whatever I spend now won't be as much as we got taken for on the Prius, ouch! But that's a good investment, in energy and conservation and we don't mind being the ones to take the step and hopefully start a trend. Still working on house renovations. I figure if no one gets jobs, we can have everyone live here, right? So we'll continue the renovations on the back buildings which could work out to be someone's home at some point. Armageddon ready, that's all I'm saying =)


Kasi said...

My retarded OB put me on lexapro when I was preggo with #3. Here's the catch though--you can't take it after 30 weeks. So add pregnancy hormones on top of withdrawals and I had a breakdown in the middle of the mall.

That was fun.

Rita said...

Welcome back to Earth. I'm glad you're here. We're all better for it.

AbbieTorroll said...

OH MY GOODNESS girl!! I am glad you are ok!! That is one serious elbow injury:) and you, as always, CRACK ME UP! you have mad skills with your writing!!

ellen s. said...

holy crap. that must have sucked but yeah for the morphine! :) what a day & i thought hitting my elbow on the doorway was bad. as with all else, i love to hear your humour and underlying saracism in everything.

Heather said...

your pictures are gross. but the cuteness of dylan pics makes up for it, so thanks for that.
I am not going to jump on the bandwagon of ranting about retarded "adults" who don't live within their means and want everything for nothing, because, well, I'm so sick of them all at this point.... and I know entirely too many of them personally.

Janet said...

I am glad you okay! I am big klutz and have done similar stuff too.

I had a thrice once, too. I took a leave of absence from teaching, gave everything away, and joined Peace Corps (I was 31). This is a real condition. I am looking forward to my mid-life in a year or 2 when I again give everything away and travel. Can we plan then???

Anyway, Glad you are feeling better!

twinsand2boys said...

Ouch, Ill bet that hurt pretty bad. Glad you went to the ER! Im with you on the economy. Dh lost his job of 16 was pretty shocking. He got another thats pretty stable, but less $$$ this point we are thankful to have one at all. Glad things are improving for you.