Saturday, September 15, 2007

I have some explaining to do... least it feels that way. I joined the team at ScrapFaith, a multi faith blog dedicated to scrapping one's spiritual journey. The team consists of Emilie Ahern Mormon, Heidi Sonboul Mormon, Stacey George Mennonite, Laura Solomon Jewish, Danielle Holsapple Non-Denominational Christian, Deborah Mahnken Anglican, Lizzy Wurmann Jewish, Heather Keller Lutheran, Nancy Misiewicz Methodist and me as an agnostic. Pretty cool list of chicks and I am honored to be among them. The first challenge goes out today, so check them out at

I am also quite a bit nervous. It is such a step out for me to come out in the scrapbooking world and all the sites I visit as an agnostic. I am afraid of what people will think, afraid people will judge me to be morally bankrupt and banished to the southern regions of hell =) (kidding, a little). What it boils down to is that I think people will focus on the differences between myself and others as opposed to the similarities (of which I promise there are more). I only do it because it is lonely to stand alone and I am hoping others will be different and relate and find comfort in my journey.

What is my belief? Heather and I were talking the other day about this and she was telling me about how a friend of hers who is hugely devout to her faith admitted that there are beliefs to her religion that she doesn't believe for herself. She picks the things she likes (which is still like 99.5% of her religion) and leaves the rest to hope. I am exactly like that, but I am picking the things out of many of the religions or belief systems out there. Here's what I put in my application about being agnostic:

"Agnostic isn't athiest. It is defined as:
1. One who believes that it is impossible to know whether there is a God.
2. One who is skeptical about the existence of God but does not profess true atheism.
3. One who is doubtful or noncommittal about something. <= ding, ding

I was raised a Catholic but after exploring other religion in high school and college, came to the conclusion that I had made no conclusion. I love the values that come out of religion and even a lot of the traditions, but to be able to profess that one is true over all the others isn't something I can do. I want my son to be raised with values and tradition of as many of the major religions as possible so that he can come to whatever conclusion he wants. I believe that the idea of God is a wonderful thing and I like the faith, love and strength that is encouraged. But I don't know it all and to scrap my journey would encourage others to accept that it is okay as long as you don't too. I am on many sites where Christians speak about their faith all the time and is lonely to have to keep your beliefs to yourself. This country was based on the freedom of religion, and I should be able to share it too. "

My faith is a journey, not a destination and I haven't found one religion that encompasses my beliefs. I am still open to religion, see the positivity it can bring and am a staunch believer of religious freedom. I would never tell anyone that they are weak/dumb/whatever for believing what they do because everything that regards faith has to do with the unknown and may defy human logic. I have a feeling that the whole story behind creation and life is bigger than the human mind can even start to understand and that our responsibility here is to follow the golden rule and serve our community in some positive capacity. I also would like to think that all the different religions in the world have a piece of the puzzle and not that one religion has "the" answer.

Please visit ScrapFaith and please support me and the visions of my cohorts. Anything positive you can leave for comments would also be appreciated since we're all sort of putting ourselves out there. Faith is a very personal thing and we're all sort of standing there in our underwear, but if it brings people together to coexist and understand each other, it is worth it.


shannon said...

i can totally relate. i was raised catholic but don't practice. just doesn't fit for some reason.
can't wait to see your pages!

Kache said...

I would encourage everyone to speak their beliefs. Don't feel like you're alone in it. I've never spoken about my beliefs, but that's just my thing. I enjoy hearing what other people have to say on the subject.

Erika said...

Wow!!!!I am so getting you right now!!!(enough said)

Diana said...

Erika took the words right out of my mouth.

Breana said...

i agree that all people should be able to speak about their beliefs. makes me sad you think you're not true. now i know you know that. i think what you are a part of with this site brandy is awesome. i can't wait to continue to see your cool!

The Hulsey Family said...

Love how you put it all! I can see how one would feel alone, but I commend you for stepping out. I love what you had to say and believe you said it just right! WTG!

Rita said...

Wow. Really awesomely said. You conveyed your thoughts so well that I fell I really get where you're coming from. good luck with the whole scrapfaith thing. I think it's a brave thing you're doing.

Emilie Ahern said... ROCK! Don't worry. The more people know the more they accept and that's the whole point. I love you, non-commitment and ALL!