Friday, December 07, 2007

Everyone loves a tea party

...especially my son, it would seem. Last weekend we went to an amazing little birthday party for Dylan's cousin Danica who turned two. It was at this little kiddie boutique in the Heights called Olive Anne's, and proved that awesome children's parties can happen inside town. I had no idea what to expect, and we got there and were taken back to the girliest room ever - bright pink, feather boas at the door, dress up in the back and two of the barber chairs for hair styling. At first I wondered what all the adults and little boys were going to do with themselves, but I must have forgotten this is the Cumberland crew and this group always makes a fun time for themselves.

Basically, it was a combination free for all and structured play. You could go get your hair dyed and glittered, you could play dress up, you could eat and at the same time there were structured activities like building castles out of sugarcubes and icing, making foam crowns and of course the tea party! Here are some pics...

Mama Angela and the Birthday girl:
2007-12-02 Danica 2nd Bday 071

Will's Castle:
2007-12-02 Danica 2nd Bday 068

Very cute girl playing dress up:
2007-12-02 Danica 2nd Bday 059

Jason getting his hair did with Aunt Jeaneane:
2007-12-02 Danica 2nd Bday 055

and then with Will (matching, of course):
2007-12-02 Danica 2nd Bday 112

Adorable cake:
2007-12-02 Danica 2nd Bday 087

Wonderful tea (Dylan was the last man standing and pretty much had to be dragged away from the tea table):
2007-12-02 Danica 2nd Bday 089
2007-12-02 Danica 2nd Bday 086

And it ain't a party without dancing:
2007-12-02 Danica 2nd Bday 125
2007-12-02 Danica 2nd Bday 120
2007-12-02 Danica 2nd Bday 124

But Dylan was already dunzo:
2007-12-02 Danica 2nd Bday 019

And new faces --- finally got to meet Baby Troy who is not 15 months old (and probably lives 10 minutes from us...)
2007-12-02 Danica 2nd Bday 094

Anyways, sorry for the pic overload but I just thought this was the cutest party and I am thinking Shana needs to have Madeleine's birthday party here next...

Other than that, just gearing up for another busy weekend. I am having a much needed girls' night tonight and then Will is spending the night Saturday night before the big annual Cumberland Christmas party. Being part of that family is so cool, and I am excited to bring the Chicken Chipotle Salad -- love that stuff. Oh, and Dylan learned to say "fart" yesterday with his daddy, I thought I would die laughing. Happy weekend!!

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Kache said...

Love the looks of that party, the matching hair dye pic is the best.