Friday, December 28, 2007

Holiday Chaos: the End is Near

Isn't that the best news of all? Your credit card can start to be paid down, you can stop insanely buying stuff just to have more stuff to give, and you can go back to being...normal. It is beautiful.

Some highlights from the celebrations:
* We got to see Will's school play on video over at the Cumberland's and snow from Vermont too
* Matthew came over to spread Christmas cheer and the common cold...mostly the common cold
* Christmas BBQ with Dad, Judy, etc
* Dylan's tool belt and hard hat over at KT's and Paul's, construction begins in January and he is ready to pitch in as needed
* Family pj night
* Christmas morning: I say "Hey, Dylan smells like poop." Jason points out the trail of poop that is falling out of the side of his pajama bottoms next to wrapped goods as he walks. We strip him down to find an insanely full diaper that has burst. Now that's Christmas cheer. I then take obligatory naked pics next to the tree and then get him into new pj's from under the tree.
* We appear to be celebrating Hanakkah. Dylan would get so interested in his gifts that he wanted to play, not keep unwrapping. There are still three gifts wrapped and ready for him, we are on day four of unwrapping them. Shalom.
* Size 3T scrubs embroidered with "Dr Cumberland" from Grandpa Jim. Best. Ever.
* Dylan decides to seize his bike handlebars and ride an imaginary bike around the room when it takes too long to put together his Fisher Price Smart Cycle. Hilarity ensued.
* Watching Shrek 3 five times in a row with Mom and Jim, Andrea and Chad, Dylan and Jason. Oh, and Bryan. How could I forget that?

I want to try and keep this short out of politeness to anyone who reads this, so I am limiting the pics to as few as possible...and yet still too many

Christmas cards (I still had a stack after this was done, so all the late senders didn't make it!)
2007-12-10 Xmas Decorations Card Pan

Jason's dad's surprise from us - the photoshoot with the boys:
2007-12-23 Xmas Will 010

Will's surprise plate for his mom:
2007-12-23 Xmas Will 005

Carrier monkey that got me and my family sick (because why would my brother warn us?)
2007-12-24 Benny BBQ 008

Men at work:
2007-12-24 KT Papa Paul 026

Family pajama day:
2007-12-24 PJ night 5

Lumps of coal:
2007-12-25 Christmas Day 021

Tears of joy:
2007-12-25 Christmas Day 027

Don't want no scrubs:
2007-12-25 Christmas Day 062


Kache said...

Scrubs are great. Poop not so much.
I really like the holiday decor, you look very popular with all those cards.
I can see the family resemblance in the carrier monkey. Cute.

Holly said...

Looks like you did get some great photos!! Even if a few of the kids look a little upset lol
Im glad you had such a great holiday Brandy! As we did here it comes once a year and I enjoy every minute of it...

Heather said...


Brandy said...

Love this post! I could just imagine the trail of poop that baby boy left! (He is such a cutie by the way!) I had to giggle when I read about the poop. We had issues with my youngest dd. :D Also, love the scrubs and family pic. Sounds like the Cumberlands had a great holiday! Hope you have a good New Year!

Lisa Carroll said...

Too funny. I love the PJ night, next year we are going to make Christmas Day the official Stay in your PJ's Day. And the poop story...been there, done that! LOL!!

Breana said...

fun times. love those scrubs. the photos and sub titles are perfect match.

KimmyS said...

Wow I am lovingthe line of cards! Looks like you had a fun time!

happy New year to yo all

Rita said...

I think my card is one of those late ones that didn't make the garland of love. Maybe you can save mine and make it the first one up next year. :-)