Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A laugh from the gut

I don't usually post stuff from other blogs, but somehow I came across a blog called "Stuff White People Like" and I believe I peed my pants several times. See, it kinda sucks in some ways to be white. Whereas there is pride in other demographic groups like African Americans, Hispanics and Latinos, homosexuals, and so on, white people are reminded that they are about as cool as a naked old man covered in liver spots. Basically the caucasian demographic is seen by others as Mr. Burns on the Simpsons. So there is nothing cool to be proud of (and frankly, the only accomplishments white people can tout involve the persecution of others. You look cold, would you like a blanket? I'm sure it isn't covered in smallpox...)

So if you can't have pride in yourself, you should be able to laugh at your ridiculousness. It turns out that white people are terribly predictable and lame. Check out this blog:

Whoever is writing this stuff is both hilariously witty and spot on (Andrea, if this ends up being you I will not be the least bit shocked). My favorite things that white people like:

Expensive Sandwiches
The Prius!!
Hip Hop Songs (the honorable mentions list is my iPod playlist...I swear)
Whole Foods
Apple Products
Arrested Development, both the show and the group
Knowing what's best for poor people
Standing still at concerts


Liz said...

my fave is #75... especially this: "Within white culture, it is agreed upon that if Canada had better weather it would be a perfect place." Thanks for the link!

Lisa said...

HA! Only got down to the 60s and already hurt myself laughing!

Diana said...

Where do you find these things? I love the top 10 rap songs and it's so true! Thanks for the laugh!

scrapfriendzy said...
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Brandi said...

LOL! I think the HM songs are in my faves too!

It's Destin, Florida and trust me when I say "It was a VERY LONG ride in the car!" LOL!


Rita said...

Too, too funny! Here's my comments:

* Whoa! It's pretty rough in the Heights. I don't think I could live there.

* Wow, that's great to see you're doing something for the earth.


Michelle Lanning said...

LOL - where the heck do you find these -- love that hip hop list!! Humpty Dance -- HA!