Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Throw you a bone...

I know everyone on the www is scratching their heads wondering what I've been up to...well, not much. I've been working on my campaign for mother-of-the-year by doing more with Dylan. I suddenly have the capacity to spontaneously go to the Children's Museum, play with other kids, etc and it has been a miracle. I think Dylan's liking it though.

Other than that, found this place that will print my Cumby for Prez shirts for a nominal fee: and Jason got excited too. These guys have onesies and toddler sizes too, so it is on. Unfortunately it is for 2008 and I am ineligible to run because of age (among other minor issues) but I might as well get the buzz going. Here's the link to the foundation of my 2016 campaign, assuming we aren't sitting in a pile of rubble: Personally, by then I think we're going all Grapes of Wrath and we're all going to be living out of our cars as we travel for work with the way the economy is going.

Andrea came in for her birthday celebration - Happy Birthday,Sis!! My brother tried his best to ruin the night by simply existing, but luckily we make him a source of laughter for us all. I never air his dirty laundry on my blog out of courtesy, but geez louise is it taking restraint these days. But as he hijacks every aspect of our lives, he has hijacked this paragraph. It was Andrea's birthday and we have a good ol time. My mom drank too much and had diahrea of the mouth, but it was otherwise fun chatting all around. We also had a yummy breakfast the next day (El Tiempo brunch = fab), the girls hit Ann Taylor Loft (I=broke) and met the boys at the bowling alley where they were doing rock and bowl at like noon on a Sunday. If you don't know rock and bowl, it is usually rock music, black lights and strobe lights with drunk and high teens wandering aimlessly around. On Sunday it is Hannah Montana videos, black lights, strobe lights, and little kids -- let's just say i don't think anyone dropped acid just to bowl there on a Sun morn like the traditional followers of rock and bowl. Here's a pic of Andrea, her girls (thanks for that shirt!) and Dylan (the hijacker of all candles burning):

2008-02-09 Andrea Bday Night 004


shannon said...

glad you're alive.
birthday wishes to your sis and her girls. ;o)
off to check out those shirts!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Andrea!

Michelle Lanning said...

oh hehe - you make me laugh - love that pic

Kache said...

Sorry to hear about the brother troubles.
Comment about the shirt made me laugh.
I like Dylan's hair like that, cute.

Heather said...

seriously. make something up, but just update.