Saturday, April 19, 2008


So, it's been a week of hustling and bustling and we are doing really well with the move. Other than a couple of Dylan's toys that we left at the house for him to play with while we work, everything that is supposed to be at MIL's is and almost all that needs to be in storage is too. Today Dylan was supposed to be with my mom, but she ended up taking on a new account at work, the big wigs are in and she had to work all weekend. Somehow though, Dylan was amazingly good today. Jason and Paul got all new fascia up, crown molding in the master and replaced all the doors in the house. Seriously, like six months of work in a day. Holy moly. While they did that, I worked on packing the rest up and moving boxes and odds and ends to the storage unit. We are all the epitome of awesomeness, and I am rewarding myself with carbs tonight.

Unfortunately, it wasn't all sunshine and gumdrops. Yesterday I stepped outside to shake out the bedskirt and the door locked behind me. Click. Oh fudge. Dylan was inside watching TV and I was locked out. Jason had told me Dylan let him in the other day when he got locked out (if my life was a book and an English student were reading it, that passage would have been highlighted as FORESHADOWING) so I turned the knob and asked Dylan to open it. He burst into tears and stayed in that house howling until I got back in. I managed to flag down a neighbor to call Jason to come home (had to leave a message, though when I called 5 min later he was on his way home) and let me in and the whole time, while I knew Dylan was safe, I could just hear him crying and crying and it was pretty effen awful. The whole thing was prolly 15-20 and every second was hell. While petty thieves have no problem kicking down my door, I had no idea how to do so myself. In the future, I will bury a key in a corner of the yard or a flowerpot.

The house is looking so amazing that Jason wants to raise the price. Wait until the painter finishes, it will be pure awesomeness. I can't think of anything a buyer would have to do to it, it will be top dog in the neighborhood =)


Diana said...

Glad to hear you guys are being so productive. That sucks getting locked out. I can imagine it tore your heart out hearing him even though he was safe. At least it's over and it all worked out. :D

KJ said...

Wow!! Good luck with all the renovating! It sounds like it will all pay off! Anyway, take a peek at my blog, I gave you an award!

shannon said...

hope it works out for ya! bummer on locking yourself out. one of my biggest fears. especially if it has to do with cars.

Jenni said...

Life of a mom is tough man...I have actually locked myself out of the house a few times before when my kids were awake or napping...both times either my DH was home or we had a spare key hidden so let myself in (thank goodness). I think it's a rite of passage to motherhood to lock yourself out at least once!