Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rainy day blues

Ugh, day two of constant rain and I just want to stay inside with the covers over my head. Wah. I still have a wretched cough after fighting two different colds, I have gained three pounds in the last two days - all in my uterus and no not like that, and it is raining and I want to curl up and enjoy it. So before I go for the day, I'll enjoy these last moments of laziness and update here.

Decided to embark on some random firsts for Dylan these last couple weeks to make his summer so special and prolly just give me stuff to scrap. Took Dylan to Memorial City Mall to play and I had him ride the carousel for the first time. He insisted on sitting on the benches normally reserved for grandmothers and small infants, whatever floats your boat. He spoke very highly later of the horses with the "flowers on their bum bum" to anyone who would listen.

2008-08-07 Carousel 003

If that didn't already make me mother of the year, we went bowling with Granny, Paw Paw and Taylor when Taylor was here. I was shocked and amazed to see little shoes Dylan's size. They are so cute and he asked for them all week. "Mama? Mama, 10 shoes?" He's a 10 in bowling shoes and he was obsessed with the numbers. Interesting fact, I am 8, Karen 9, Dylan 10, Paul 11. Got this cute video of Dylan's bowling efforts too, love Flickr video

2008-08-08 Bowling 002

He also got to play guitar with his Grandpa Benny. I figure these pics will be valuable when he's a real rock star making money and loving the groupies. Unfortch, he kept thinking he dropped his finger in there or something. Grandpa Benny had been joking about it and I think he thought there were fingers hanging out in the hole

And finally, some housing update. Last week was heavy trash, so the boys went wild in the backyard pulling down all the skanky trees they could so we could have another pile like this at the curb:

2008-08-14 Brookwoods trash 1

Jason designed and executed this awesome tiling work in the hall bath's shower:

2008-08-17 Brookwoods tiling 3

and I worked on planning the driveway work. Remember how I said the neighbor converted a garage and then piggybacked on our driveway? Well, we've been trying to plan how we dig a trench to seperate the driveways and it has changed a couple million times. I want to give the neighbors a full 10 foot driveway even if it means giving up some of ours because I think if their driveway is usable, they may not sue. Not to mention if they need an extra foot and a half, that can pull out their bushes. But really, after standing in the kitchen and staring at their house and living at Karen and Paul's and enjoying the security afforded by a driveway gate, we've decided to dig up a trench two feet wide parellel to the house and ending at the end of the house. We are going to build a fence in the trench so no more looking at the neighbors and then get a black wrought iron gate. Will allow some safe parking and a nice contained area to play too. Here's me getting to work with sidewalk chalk trying to decide exactly where it should all go, don't worry about the cracks or nastiness. Driveway cutting and repair of cracks should be fun times!

2008-08-17 Brookwoods driveway 1

2008-08-17 Brookwoods driveway 3

2008-08-17 Brookwoods driveway 4

Til next time!


Michelle Lanning said...

Hehe he is sitting in my favorite spot!

Don't you love those shoes! You were smart and got a pic - I didn't - boo!

And yeah I think it will be so much better when you all have a gate/wall in your driveway - a bit more private huh?

twinsand2boys said...

Brandy, I hope you get feeling better! Your house is looking great!

Erika said...

Too funny cause on the carousel, Dylan is hold two cars, one in each hand, this is so what Coda does too. We can't go anywhere without him taking his cars!

Laura Vigliarolo said...

Good luck with the driveway.
Tim would have been sitting right there on the bench with him at that age.

Jennifer said...

Hi there! JenniferB from RSC - thought I would stop by. Those shoes are cute and he's adorable! Great pics!

ellen said...

oh those plaid shorts are too cute!

oh man, the whole garage driveway thing sounds like a bummer, i mean with the neighbor. but at least is progessing.

looking good! keep up the good work.

KJ said...

Dylan's been a busy boy!!