Friday, February 10, 2006

King of the Jungle

I did a quickie LO with Basic Grey Skate Shoppe just to remind myself just how inadequate I am when it comes to using BG. I refuse to buy anymore until I make something impressive with it, though I guess in all fairness the BG site was willing to put like 3 of my BG LO's on there, though I have my theories that they will take nearly anything. Anywho:

This is the prized loincloth Dylan wore when he was trying to recover from a rash caused by someone using a Wetwipe instead of Baby Wipe on his bum bum. Looked like his tush was scoured with an SOS pad, and he seemed to feel the same way. He also had the cha cha's, so he was dancing naked on the mat happily all the while spreading his liquid brown magic around. There is a hidden tag behind the title with a photo of him smiling with his loincloth on.

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