Saturday, February 18, 2006

KNK Crop: Day 2 - at Heather's

Well, after spending yesterday continually bathing the yellow liquid poo kid, I decided he was Jason's reponsibility. I went up to Heather's to crop with Sabrina, Shana and Rita as we had been planning for months. Shana and Rita were new to our mix, but it was a super fun day and everyone might as well have already been buds. Colleen sent cookies to Heather's in time for the crop and for that we loooove her.

I woke up not knowing how long I would stay since we were supposed to go out for Andrea's birthday dinner. With Dylan sick, we wouldn't be making it so we had to cancel. After assessing my poo kid's situation, I sat to scrap and came up with these:

Then I went to Heather's and completed the following:

That was it for the night. Except a whole lot of this...

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