Monday, July 10, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Well, the family came over on Sunday - Grandma Shelley and Grandpa Jim, Uncle Bryan and Matthew. Matthew and Dylan are seven months apart, but weigh the same. Matthew is like a bag of flour to carry around. Check it out, Dylan is trying to teach him how bulimia can help him lose weight and feel great:
2006-07-09 Boys 14 w SB

Uncle Bryan brought Dylan his bday gift which was clothes and PJ's from Old Navy. I really loved Old Navy pj's for kids, and I guess Bryan had a hard time finding the perfect thing. He accidently ended up grabbing a girl's nightgown with flowers and butterflies on it, and was of course mortified. He swore it was for boys, but the little bow on the front finally convinced him of the truth. Jason and I make fun of everything in the world and never worry about it, so of course I put that dress on the kid. It embarrassed Bryan more than Dylan though:
2006-07-09 Boys 12 dress

What else, what else? I am making myself sick knowing that I have to start working July 31st. The part that really sucks is that I am pretty much working August for free the way it all happens. The first week is three days of unpaid, mandatory training and the next two will allow us to have the entire week of Thanksgiving off. I will get one paycheck actually in August, it will be a partial and if I am lucky I will be able to cover day care. So this is what working for a government agency is like, sigh. All my dreams falling into place... lotto ticket, anyone? At least I will be getting two weeks of hanging out in the school environment before the kids arrive, have mercy on their souls...


Kache said...

Wow you have to start early, sorry about that. Those butterfly pjs are the best, I think he should wear them all the time!

shannon said...

wow. my mom goes back the beginning of august. summer seems so much longer when you're a kid!
love the pjs! i think i need a pair. ;)

Tiffany said...

Love the pjs!!! He looks so cute in them. Best of luck at your new job and I can't believe school is right around the corner!!!