Wednesday, July 05, 2006

No fair!

I am sure there are thousands of former Enron employees right now pissed that this guy died:
Ken Lay appears to have died of a heart attack at the prospect of actually going to prison. I bet that some of the Enron employees who lost their pensions may hope to die early of heart attacks since he left them high and dry for their retirement years. Anyways, what a wuss. Dying isn't fair here, he should have lived long enough to have all his riches taken from him and be put in his little orange jumpsuit to be sodomized by his bunkmate Bruno when he drops his government issued soap.

On a happier note, I have dedicated July to not purchasing anything scrappy (adhesives do not count, I did need glue) which was kickstarted by a certain site using their own same crummy paper line three times in 18 months. I skipped for the first time and was suddenly free to pursue my stash. To up the ante, I won't let myself shop anywhere either for the rest of the month and it has been surprisingly freeing. I don't have to check out the sales or buy something because I am in the neighborhood, but I am using up the stuff I have around. This was four different lines of paper from el stasho. It has been good, but I hope there is a mucher cooler kit available next month for me to stack up in my cart
2006-04-08 Unbridled Joy

Still discovering new things on my camera too. Heather's friend Heather took a pic like this and I asked Heather how she altered it. She said her camera had a function to take the pic like that and I saw through Flickr that it was a Canon so I took a chance that mine could do it - and it could. Check out this color isolation thing, awesome. I am trying to make myself maximize the potential of my camera before I buy another, and it has been a good decision.
2006-07-01 Wagons 4 IMG_7452

Finally in my longest post ever... to Heather's little orangatan coconut baby, here's my onion boy:
2006-06-22 Onion Bath 4 2006-06-22 Onion Bath 1


shannon said...

onion boy! he's a cutie!

good for you on the no purchases! i wish i had the will power!

Lisa said...

OMG, I had the same reaction when I heard Enron boy had keeled over. Such a shame he won't be some big ole boy's man toy :(

LOL, onion boy! That's hillarious. But ITA with Shannon, what a cutie :)

I'll stick with you on no purchases for this month. And maybe the next couple of months too, I think I'm shopped out!

Kache said...

Hilarious picture!

Color isolation, I haven't gotten that far. Does my camera do that??

Good luck on no scrap buying.
I hear ya on the kit skipping I had to do it last month.
ouyay houldsay rytay peakingsay in odecay...kidding

Anonymous said...

Rystn, I can read code ;) Onion boy is a cutie! Good luck with the no shopping!

Carrie P

Anonymous said...

Hey Brandy, I'm with ya on the kit skipping as well. I didn't do that this time, and since I read your entry earlier today, I've been kicking myself for not doing so. Thanks for reminding me to just say "no"! :)

I read more about the state of Lay's case, and it sounds like that because his case was in the appeal phase when he died, his attorney can request that the whole conviction be wiped out. Plus, half of his estate belongs to his wife, and is therefore untouchable. Unfortunately, it seems that no Enron employees will get anything back from him. What a rotten situation.

BTW, I'm subscribed to your blog from Bloglines (and Heather's and Rystn's and Shannon's), and I'm enjoying watching the blog lifestyle. I'm not ready to jump in yet, but I am considering it!

Heather M/roadscrapper

KJ said...

LOL at onion boy!! Cool feature on your camera! I'm officially jealous!

Heather said...

Love the pics, totally agree about Lay, love onion boy, and DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE KIT.

TracyDacy said...

Loved reading your Blog Brandy ROFLMAO - (bunkmate Burno!!!) But seriously, I agree that whole Enron debacle is messed up and Lay's death is just the icing on a very bitter cake.

Love your onion boy!

Tiffany said...

Love the onion boy!!! What a cutie!!! I so want to know how you took those two awesome pics!! I have a canon so I need to get my manual out and READ!!