Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Checking in...

and with nothing much to say. Stuff we've done lately:

- The Dexter Season Premiere promotion: I think they chose like 16 cities and filled their fountains with faux blood. I went to the wrong fountain at first, but then the family went to the right one. If you haven't watched Dexter, you are truly missing out. Season 1 is out on DVD and while you are catching up on Showtime goodness, check out Season 1 and 2 of Weeds, also awesome.
2007-09-28 Dexter 009

- Going big boy: Posted these on Simply Obsessed, but we did put together Dylan's big boy bed and he has been a pro at sleeping in it. He doesn't realize he can get out of it himself in the morning, so he just yells "Hello? Mama? Dada? Helloooo?" until someone comes
2007-10-13 Big Boy Bed 008
2007-10-13 Big Boy Bed 035

- Preparing for autumn: Went to the pumpkin patch this weekend with Mary, Richard and Will and shooed in the fall season by posing for pics in the pumpkins and taking a hayride. My favorite is the last one because while Dylan is on a pumpkin, you can see the Christmas season sneaking up behind him, both figuratively and literally.
2007-10-14 Pumpkin Patch 114
2007-10-14 Pumpkin Patch 007
2007-10-14 Pumpkin Patch 066

And finally, to all the ridiculous people who are organizing to burn issues of CK - you are lame. You are sad and jealous and if you were named HOF tomorrow, you would be singing a different tune. What is saddest is that all those stereotypes of ridiculous, crazy women are being fulfilled on MB's all over right now. I've always liked this craft because the focus was on the good things in life and on building relationships of fun and support with other women, and what has come out of that whole debacle is the complete opposite of that. Please stop. If you entered the HOF contest, I understand your frustration and you are given a two minute pass to complain. And the two minutes are up...


Delfina said...

Lots of great picture's. I love the one with the pumkins.

Anonymous said...

right on woman with the CK stuff, I too am soooo tired of it - really, any one of those women would jump tomorrow to be the next CK HOF - the woman is talented, hands down, leave her alone

on a happier note, Dylan is getting so big, and more adorable every day
Tina B

Heather said...

rock on!

love the pics- those pumpkins are really cool looking.... I'll fade away as I cry for my camera now...

Anonymous said...

Cool pictures!