Sunday, June 22, 2008

Okay, okay!!!

I know, I've been keeping everyone in suspense!! The new home!

Basic info: this house is a 1919 sq ft 3/2 with an additional converted garage with another full bath, a studio in the back and a covered, enclosed sunroom. I realize now that of all the pics I've taken these last couple days that none are actually of the front of the house, so another day perhaps. It has much of the typical issues you would expect of a 50 year old house, which we were both expecting and ready to take care of. This isn't the first time we've done this afterall, though the fact that the house has stood empty for many years has caused some of those issues to be a little worse. No prob, Team Cumby and their trusty project manager/FIL Paul have it under control.

We expect to gut the kitchen, remove wood paneling and replace with sheetrock, hang crown molding, gut remodel the hall bath, install vinyl, double paned windows and paint the entire interior as our first big projects. We call that Phase One, with the idea being that after Phase One is complete we can move in without being in a war zone. Phase Two gets into staining the concrete in the sunroom, wood and sheetrock repair in the converted garage, tiling of that after removing carpet, minor remodel of the full bath in there, and exterior wood replacement of the entire garage (the house has all new, but not the garage). We will paint the entire house at that point because we are not in love with the blue-grey. Phase Three involves that studio which is a mess at best. We will likely knock it down to foundation and use the roof to build an exterior lounge area perfect for when and if a pool gets in (which is the Phase Four hope!) Basically we go as far as our budget will carry us and do more jobs as more money trickles in.

We closed on the house on Wed at 10, got to the new place around noon. Took before pics and then got to is a Flickr album so you can see the progress five days in the house has made. Some might look uninteresting if you don't know what is going on, esp electrical and stuff like that, but just know it is all awesomeness. You may have to hit the plus sign on the right to see all the pics or you can drag the bar at the bottom, they are in order over the course of the last five days.


Michelle Lanning said...

looks great brandy --- love the little details of the house - and please tell me the stomach picture is not a bite mark?

Maggie said...

What a beautiful house... how did he get burned?

The Hulsey Family said...

Love all the pics! Looks like a war zone in there and someone has an ouchie on their stomach to prove that! And poor little Dylan. That's quite the bite mark!

Ronda S. said...

Looks like its coming along great!! Who is the injured person?! Looks awful!!!

Amanda said...

WOW Brandy!! Looks like you're doing a TON of work! I can't wait to see some finished photos! How fun was taking out all of that tile in that bathroom! Wow, it left quite a mess behind! Sure hope you'll be living in this one for a while to enjoy it once you've got it finished! Keep us updated. Oh ya.. and love the little "surprise" pictures to.. IKEA is it?

Kache said...

House stuff, sounds tiring.
Looking at the pics is wearing me out.
Sounds like a nice new pad.

KJ said...

Congrats on the new house! Here's hoping phase 4 gets here soon for that new pool!

Heather said...

always amazed at the projects you tackle... you rock! can't wait to see the finished project, since the last was simply fantastic!

shannon said...

can't wait to see the side by side before and afters.
and i think it's awesome that you two are such remodelers. nick and i are too lazy!