Thursday, June 19, 2008

Seven years of the storm cloud of doom...

Yup, we have finished seven years as a couple, me and Jason. What a couple too, dubbed the storm cloud of doom from the start because of our sarcastic, caustic wit. Ironically, we are a happy, smiley family now and while the sarcasm is still there, it is mostly directed outwards to the world and not each other. I would share the hookup story, but it is a lame one so I'll skip it and tell you how we did spend the day.

Jason went to the work nurse to get some aspirin for some chest pain and as a precaution she made Jason go to the St Luke's clinic a block over to make sure he wasn't having a heart attack. Dylan and I brought him over and it was muy exciting. It actually wasn't, but the place was nice and the people were cool and we got a couple funny shots of Jason pretending to be sick and me and Dylan pretending not to be bored. The plus was that I had my copy of the Kite Runner with me and it is a fantastic book so far. Unfortunately I was reading it in the waiting room and my eyes were a little misty. The doc came to talk to me and I looked up with tears in my eyes -- naive doc seemed to think I was actually concerned about my DH and not just involved in a really good book. I decided not to crush his soul and reveal the truth, that I wasn't really concerned that something was wrong, but Jason and I shared a laugh about it. Because, oh yeah, everything's fine!

2008-06-19 St Lukes 009

2008-06-19 St Lukes 015

2008-06-19 St Lukes 017

Tune in tomorrow for an actual update on the house! Lots of progress being made, lots of pics to share!!


Erika said...

Well glad he is okay, but really love the photos!!!

Hey still waiting on the house pics. I gotta live vicariously through you.

Heather said...

happy anniversary to the doomers who do it best!

KJ said...

Happy belated anniversary....looks like a good time was had by all!