Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cram session

Moving in...that amazingly happened last week. Basically, Karen's brother Cecil who has been battling cancer came into town to start treatment at MD Anderson. By Tuesday, Jason and I had colds and I didn't want to be the a-hole who gave a cancer patient a cold. So we piled the rest of our crap in the truck and after enough trips 10 doors down, we were moved in. And it's great. The place looks awesome, is 99% done and everyone is adjusting well. Of course the second night there was a bad storm and not only did water just chug into the sunroom via the not fixed holes from Ike, but we discovered two other Ike related water leaks.

2008-10-26 Brookwoods (3)

The water gathered quickly in there, but thankfully the storm passed, I had popped a happy pill and now the sunroom has been repaired. Whoo hoo. And here's a peak at my scraproom:

2008-10-26 Brookwoods (8)

What else...Dylan had his first cleaning at the dentist and he loved that. He had cavities (which I already knew, boo) and got them filled Monday. He made me so proud, he was superbrave and put up no fuss. I wish I was that cool

2008-10-16 Dentist (5)

Got a kick out of Meggo feeding Dylan via chopsticks last week...Meggo is the chopstick champ and Dylan ate the heck out of the noodles he fed her (def Chinese is a fave of his!)

2008-10-14 Pei Wei (11)

Dylan had his soccer pics last week and even though he sucks at soccer and it is the most painful effort ever, the pics were cute. Here some of the kids are messing around...

2008-10-18 Soccer (18)

And later that day we hit the pumpkin patch with Will, Richard and Mary for some obligatory fall pics. Can I say that place was just a white trash teen ho extravaganza? Sheesh! Teen pregnancy and herpes, 1 ticket please! But the benefit was that the girls running the ride were paying attention to boys and cell phones so Dylan kept riding the slides over and over for his one ticket...excellent

2008-10-18 The Pumpkins (14)

2008-10-18 The Pumpkins (46)

and my ode to Vegas...

2008-10-18 The Pumpkins (11)

Other than that, same old drama. Working on a possible job lead that I have my fingers totally crossed for esp since it involves working from home or coffee shops. If you're reading this, friend, totally hire me! I am worth two employees! Call me! I feel like this blog entry has been too long and involved too much catch up, so I'll end now. But expect a full house pictorial very soon...


Obligatory political shizz

Move on... I am ready for the whole election to be dunzo. Over it, over it. If you're voting for my guy, I encourage you to vote via early voting or get out that day...if you're supporting the McPalin ticket, feel free to stay home.

2008-10-17 Vote (7)

I'm done with the lectures from my pulpit for a bit but I will leave you will this hilarious nugget via www.someecards.com which Jenni totally turned me on to...

best luck

Wait, I did love this great quote on undecided votors

"I look at these people and can't quite believe that they exist. Are they professional actors? I wonder. Or are they simply laymen who want a lot of attention? To put them in perspective, I think of being on an airplane. The flight attendant comes down the aisle with her food cart and, eventually, parks it beside my seat. "Can I interest you in the chicken?" she asks. "Or would you prefer the platter of shit with bits of broken glass in it? To be undecided in this election is to pause for a moment and then ask how the chicken is cooked."

- Author David Sedaris, on undecided voters

And I guess it's up to you to decide who the platter of shit is, but in my head the platter is frozen and the chicken is dark meat. And I'm going with the dark meat.


Diana said...

Glad all is coming together with the house. And that was just mean - the picture of your scraproom ;) Can't wait to see all of them.

Cute pumpkin patch pics. I really love Dylan's shirt! That is adorable. Great message too.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Heather said...

loving the pics, and cannot wait to get down there to check it alll out...

Michelle Lanning said...

Looking good my friend -- well except for that pumpkin - lol!

ellen said...

bawawawawa, ode to vegas. i love it. i was close this weekend at my reunion!

love the new room, looks like a creative mecca if you ask me.

KJ said...

Great scrap room!! I'm a bit jealous....

Great pumpkin patch pics!

Your backsplash is friggin' awesome.

Soccer...yeah, it's painful to watch when they're that little, but so stinkin' cute!

Adorable pic of Megan feeding Dylan with chopsticks!!

shannon said...

cute pics. yay on being home and not getting a cancer patient sick. ;o)
can't wait to see the done deal and before and after pics.

Kache said...

Ok I like that last quote.
I have a book by David S around here somewhere...

Rita said...

I have so many comments to make on this post but I'll just go with the one I have for the end...regarding undecided voters. I worked our elem. school "election" today and I was helping a 4th grader with the voting process and we got to the end where he had to make his selection and he just sat there and sat there. Finally he said he couldn't make up his mind. and rather than being a sympathetic parent I said, "It's kind of down to the wire. You should know by now." Nice. But that's how I feel. How can you possibly be undecided at this point? I don't care if you're only 9.