Friday, October 31, 2008

I dare you, implore you, beg of you...

to watch this (the Obama infomercial) and I dare you to not be moved, to not want to vote for this man, to not want to throw yourself into the community and be a part of making this nation better. I'm not a praying person, most of you know that. But I feel this in my heart so passionately that it makes me pray, to seriously hit my knees and beg that this man can be elected so this nation can restore the honor it once had and that we can all play a good part in that.

Election day is Tuesday, some of us have voted already in the early voting booths. I've never understood what the stories I've heard about JFK, the way people looked up to him and the tragedy they felt at his assassination. I get it now. This guy is the one and if we don't vote for him I will feel that same sort of loss. Part of what this nation needs right now is the hope, the confidence that we can band together and make things good. It's a self fulfulling prophecy, if we think the situation is hopeless, then it is. I truly believe this man can inspire the hope in us that makes us get up and take charge of the situation together. I think he can inspire Congress and the Senate. I think he can inspire the world to pay attention and be our allies again. I truly believe that Obama and Biden would serve as the humble civil servants that our politicians are intended to be, not the cocky, strutting a-holes we've seen most recently with "Mission Accomplished" signs behind them and calling out for Joe the Plumber to stand up (ps, Joe the Plumber is now releasing a country album). Humble civil servants don't look out for the lobbyists and the corporations, they look out for the people and I think Obama and Biden will do that for us.

There is a reason that Obama's campaign has simply stood by the issues and the McCain campaign tries to chip away at his credibility with their campaign instead of standing by their issues. It's because the truth of the matter is that their campaign benefits the wealthiest of the wealthy and the big corporations. If you are lower or middle class, there is simply not a thing this man will do to improve your life. Why is that so hard to understand? Because they tell you that "Hussein" is an un-American middle name? Because they tell you democrats want to take away your right to guns (they don't, they don't want to alter the constitution but the Republicans do). Because they tell you they are going to ban abortion (ps, while cutting any programs to fund helping those mothers raise those children with welfare, etc). Because they will prevent gay marriage from being accepted and hurting traditional marriage values (you know what hurts those values? A 50% divorce rate!) Give me a good reason, I'd love to hear it. They tell you they will cut your taxes, but they are planning to tax you in other ways to make up the difference. McCain, a man who owns seven houses and thirteen cars and whose wife can show up to the GOP convention with $365,000 of her own jewels doesn't understand you or care about you. Yes, he is a war hero. But a good president that doesn't make. It simply doesn't. The GOP paid $150K of their donors' money to make Palin and her family presentable next to these two. They are the elitists and they are not going to look out for you. Why is that so hard to understand? He says he is not Bush, but based on his voting record (and something he used to boast about until the polls said it was a bad thing), he is 90% Bush. And we need more than 10% improvement

Don't ask your spouse who to vote for. Don't listen to the stupid spam your friends and family send you claiming ridiculous things. Don't avoid voting because you hate them all. You know that worked out well when people didn't like Kerry enough in 2004 to bother and we were treated to another 4 years of Bush disaster. Spend the weekend doing a little research. Listen to your heart, and cross the aisle if you have to. But please don't lost hope, we need it.

And one last story I can add to the Obama infomercial -- I spoke to my mom about my Aunt Diane's health issues last night. It was straight out of the infomercial really about the issues with health care. Aunt Diane has decent enough insurance through a state job, she and her husband have both worked for the state of Louisiana for many years. It is looking like she needs a kidney and liver transplant soon. As far as that goes, she has many of us lined up to give it away. She can have mine, she is tops on my list of people I'd give anything for. She spoke to her insurance who was basically saying that whether they would pay for the surgery depended on her financial situation -- could she afford the aftermath? The aftermath would be $400 a month (her portion) of drugs to keep her body from rejecting the tissues. The cost would be $200 a month if she lived elsewhere, but Louisiana law only makes insurance pay 80% whereas most states require 90% and so there you are. And there, my friends, is where the system is broken. The government should be looking out for her so that she isn't just left to die.

On the other hand, my brother has bilked the government of untold amounts. That turd, who I never mention on here but will today for the sake of passionate political reasoning, spent about a month in jail and has been in and out all year, has a son he doesn't provide for who has to use various forms of government assistance, was sent to the free hospital for mental health evaluations to get him sorted out, and is currently in a free government rehab center where they are making sure to clean his teeth and check out his health among the other various things they are doing for him.

Maybe Aunt Diane needs to commit a felony. I think the prison would be forced to just get her the medical help she needs that way. Shame on her for trying to live an honest living. But it doesn't have to be that way... please choose hope.


shannon said...

yeah, i'm getting up at the butt crack of dawn to vote before work. hopefully, will be worth it. just had a republican/democrat debate with some fam. fun times... sigh.
i have to say i too am ready for change.

Kache said...


Heather said...

I voted already :)

Rita said...

I am feeling proud vs. embarassed for the first time in a long time.

Janet said...

I love what you write and your passion. I agree wholeheartedly with this post, I too have prayed that Obama get elected. And I don't embrace prayer or religion. I completely agree with the loss we would have felt had he not been elected. I am so happy I got to join in the jubilant celebrations! Anyway, wanted to let you know I love your political posts.