Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Insert cool title here...

Back from a Tuesday night of girls' night fruity drinks...ah. Want to sleep, but needing to catch up all of the internet with my exciting existence.

Ike. What, three weeks ago now? Still tons of blue tarps on roofs and wood covered windows in office buildings, but overall back to normal. It did however rain this morning and we didn't fix the sunroom yet, so that was disgusting. Shana won for longest time without electricity, go girl.

Soccer. Dylan and Kolby started. They stink at following rules, but it is cute

2008-10-04 Soccer  (2)

House. Trying to move into the house in the next couple weeks. Front gate and back fence done, thanks to Paul.

2008-09-28 Brookwoods (8)

2008-09-28 Brookwoods (7)

Vegas. Holy crap. Holy. Crap. Seriously the most fun night I've had in a really long time. Being trashed like that once in awhile is so effen important and it comes down to simply letting go of every piece of shizz I am holding on to stress wise and just letting it all hang out. Oh, and hang we did. Here's a great pic from the stratosphere, and yes, I know Shaun is wearing a pretty shade of lipstick. Oh, and Jason isn't here because his version of pre-partying in a hotel room involves passing out.

group picture

That's the tamest pic of the bunch and that's the one I will leave you all with.

Politics. Scared of McCain, like Obama though not as much as I started. He's still the best choice and Dylan and I went to the Democratic HQ for Houston yesterday to get our yard signs. Might not have bothered but the McCain sign went up across the yard and I had to balance it out. Too bad Dylan wouldn't properly pose:

2008-10-07 Obama (2)

Economy. Scary times, my friends. Everyone knows about the 700 billion bailout but there are tons being made on the side, for example the 25 billion auto maker bailout for American manufacturers. Can't believe the politicians saw none of this happening. We saw it happening. How many times have I been with friends and seen yet another Wachovia or WaMu being erected and thought out loud, "How long until they go under and get bought out?" I know from experience that it takes an average of about two years for a new banking center to start rolling a profit, so what business sense does it make if you are quickly going under and seeing all your loans go bad to keep building? WaMu, I am talking to you. Second chance checking, and now we all pay for it.

Which brings me to the scrubs of the world. I loathe Palin and think she is borderline insane, but I give her a pat on the back for saying during the presidential debate that Americans need to do as our parents always told us and live within our means (she also said we were all victims (uh yeah, of Bush's administration), but I'll let that slide out of courtesy for the other point). Yes, part of the problem was mortgage companies and banks that were trying to hit the numbers (core whores!)and not really working in the interest of customers, but a better chunk of what I see when I think of the current crisis with foreclosures and repos are people living outside their means. I saw it with my brother whose first house was brand new and he furnished it within weeks with brand spanking new stuff. I still haven't bought a brand new house and I still have hand me downs where I can. When it went to foreclosure, it was hard to be shocked. He wasn't living within his means and one little disaster like a broken washing machine or a car repair put his teetering world into a tailspin. Not to mention his myriad of other personal issues, but those are meant to be discussed with a therapist and not on my blog. Anyone else I've ever watched have a repo has been the same way. Wanting to live the big life on a little salary. Get some self esteem people, buying things doesn't make you a better person. I still think you're a loser in a fancy house and with a fancy car if I know you're running to the Ace Check Cashing place to make it work. Lame. And this is allllll your fault, my taxes and Dylan's will be paying for this forever.


AbbieTorroll said...

your boys are so cute!!

Brandi said...

I would kill for a fruity drink right now! :) Wonder if I can pretend a frozen lemonade is a margarita? LOL!

Kory said...

Ugggh, I so agree with you on the economy and the bailout. I am so mad! Makes me angry that we've been responsible and lived within our means. Kind of wish that I'd been an idiot and bought a huge house that I can't afford and that I drove luxury cars - who would have thought that the idiots who run our country would bail me out AND call me a "victim" - It's like we're being punished for being responsible and now they will raise my taxes b/c they say I am rich. I am not rich, I just don't spend money friviously! UGH!

Heather said...

ahh... I was just telling Rita today- just when I start to think I halfway like any kind of politician, they start the debates. And if that doesn't seal the deal of showing what idiots they are, then the ads will start with them bashing each other, worse than 5 year olds. Then come election day I hate them all, and don't want anyone to be in charge of anything. boo.

amen on the economy. so pizzed. totally. completely. ridiculous. I hate it for all the people who have SAVED so much and now are losing and paying so much, and the people who never saved a dime, never took a second thought to keeping up with the Joneses, who yet again get to take no responsibility for their actions. sucks.

oh, fruity drinks to the 5th power. jealous.

twinsand2boys said...

Dylan and his friend are so cute.

shannon said...

yay on almost moved in.
and politics... gonna be an interesting few months.

Michelle Lanning said...

ditto! And FUUUN!