Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thank you.

Our internet has been down since election night (great timing, I know) and I am finally back on or else this post would have already happened.

Thank you, America. All of America, for paying attention this time and getting out to vote in record numbers. Special thanks, of course, to the majority of whom voted for my guy, Barack Obama.

Now I have to be honest, I was scared election night. People are crazy. I went ahead and took down my Obama yard signs because I didn't know if people were going to respond in some riotous way if he won. Plus, they had already done their job. I started to watch the coverage, but watching CNN speculate with 1% of Florida reporting sounded insane. So I scrapped. Came back. Scrapped and the internet went down. While Jason was on the phone with AT&T (who would not restore our service because Jason could not remember what the name of his favorite restaurant was, seriously, and that was for two days now without service), magic happened. I suddenly looked up and McCain was in the 140's and Obama was over 270. We blinked when we saw this:

2008-11-04 E Night (6)

and this:

2008-11-04 E Night (1)

and this

2008-11-04 E Night (4)

Suffice to say, my confidence in humanity was refreshed and I cried a lot. Unfortch, there are still a lot of people who are disappointed by the results and some people are choosing to say awful, disgusting things that remind me of why I have no faith in humanity to begin with. Oh well, he's Prez elect, whoo hoo!!!

**And I'd like to mention I'm so disappointed by the decisions of CA residents to ban gay marriage. Mind your beeswax! Why is it even our call? So odd to take one step forward and one step back in the same night. Sad. I saw this and it perfectly captures how I feel about this issue:


But impressively enough, marijuana was decriminalized in Massachusetts and Oregon scored their first transgender mayor. It's an interesting time in history to say the least, but I eat it up.

But Obama was the perfect end to a great day with Heather and Meg. I got to make cards and the kids played and they make such an adorable couple...

2008-11-04 E Day antics (13)

Now I think we just heard gunshots, gotta cut this short. Living in the hood, grrr. Thanks again, nation!


Heather said...

awww cute pics!

Michelle Lanning said...

I totally love that you can say exactly what I am thinking - and prop 8? Seriously you'd think CA would vote no -- I agree what business is it of anyones? Not mine! **Hugs**

shannon said...

prop 8 left me speechless. craziness.

Dolores said...

OMG I enjoy reading your blog, it's been awhile I know. I cried too on election night. It was the first time in my time that I watched it all to the end. It was history and I wanted to be part of it.

sarah said...

yea, i'm in CA and it broke my heart hearing that we took a step back :(

but it's just one step in the process of civil liberation!

yay for obama! :)