Friday, November 14, 2008

You take the good, you take the bad... take them both and there you have
The Facts of Life, the Facts of Life -- go 80's theme music!

Fact of life right now that is good...Dylan is cute and I learned a lot at the Karen Russell photography class of last week. It wasn't a fun class (as in we didn't giggle and throw glitter everywhere) but it was like a Sprague class where it is hard work, but you get back everything you put into it. I'm still learning and still referring to my handouts, but I am getting there. Got this cute pic of Dylan today while fiddling (and I know it isn't a technically good one, but at least I got that cool angle down)


Fact of life that is bad...unemployment. I am actually having to worry about my loved ones, and not just the cracked out one. Just got word of another family member laid off and another was laid off earlier this year and has not much of a prospect. I'm actually worried in a way that makes me hopeful to get this job (ps, had another phone interview with them today) just in case I need to help out with anyone's bills. It is going to be a different Christmas, that's for sure.

And I'll consider that a "both" -- I don't like all the buying and silliness of Christmas. I would love to just be with my family and enjoy their company and it looks like that might be the reality. I'm already planning out the limits or the bans that need to be imposed on each member of the family.

Here's where I plan to be tomorrow:
fight h8

If anyone saw the great Keith Olbermann clip going around this week, that's basically a summary of why I'll be there. It's not a matter of me knowing anyone affected by this (thought I do) or me wanting to marry another woman -- it is a matter of fairness. I don't think that only those personally affected by this should have to fight alone and so I plan to be there with my pal Cate who has the same intentions as me. I don't know what Dylan's path will be in life, but if I can do something meaningful to make it so he grows up in a nation of equality and respect, then I will. If you are in the area, please plan to join me and if you live elsewhere, there are protests going on in nearly every single town tomorrow so please check into it.

Other fun stuff:

Joined Dylan and Kolby along with Shana on the boys' field trip to the Fire Museum and Discovery Green

2008-11-05 Field Trip (47)

2008-11-05 Field Trip (68)

and of course the cutest thing, Halloween!! Here's Dylan along with Shana's - Kolby and Madeline!

2008-10-31 Halloween Bridges

2008-10-31 Halloween at School (22)

2008-10-31 Halloween at School (29)

(that witchy tutu was the result of a craft night in the new room, yay room!)

Other than that, not much to report, but stay tuned...


Kasi said...

I love your pics. what kind of camera do you have? And the tutu is adorable. I've been meaning to make one for Emily since the poor girl is the only one in her dance class with out a tutu that's bigger than she is :) I am SUCH a slacker mom...

Diana said...

I already thought you took good pictures so I can imagine what that class is going to do for you! I think that one of Dylan turned out adorable - love the angle too.

shannon said...

i hear ya on the christmas crack down. we've decided to not exchange with at least one half of the family.

Brandi said...

That pic of Dylan turned out great! I would practice on mine but my "subject" runs around too much! LOL! Drew said that she wants a tu-tu! :)

Kory said...

Love that picture of Dylan - looks great! And I hear ya on the Christmas crackdown. DH got laid off a couple of weeks ago so things are going to be changing around here until he can get something else.

tina said...

glad you took the Karen Russell class, it was hard, but I learned a ton when I took it - good for you for standing up for a cause you believe in! sorry about the layoffs, its all over right now, and it stinks!

KJ said...

Great the hug. What happened to Dylan's eye?! Great chicken costume...glad to see it used again....classic!

I'm with you on gifts. I'm old enough that I really don't need gifts anymore. Rather just spend time with family....eating, playing cards, drinking, gossiping.