Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Jesus rose from the dead and all I got was this stuffed bunny...

We had a classic Easter celebration on Sunday, went to brunch at the Cumberlands and then lunch and Mom and Jim's. Now I love my brother, but he is testing everyone's limits these days. After weeks of hearing the confessionals on his baby mama MF (those are her initials, though the other thing MF stands for could easily apply as well), he seems to be getting back together with her. A recap of the top three reasons why my mom told him in no uncertain terms that she wouldn't be supporting that decision:
1. She's a skank. She cheated on him before she got pregnant and told him Christmas day when they were out in Colorado. The icing was that I think it was at a party they were both at and it was in the back of a car. Class. That's the one example we know, I assume others are forthcoming.
2. She's mean to him. She never had anything nice to say to him and nags and goes on.
3. She had a baby when she was 15 that was all messed up because he was early. While we can forgive the fact that the paternal grandmother took custody to care for this challenged child, we cannot forgive the fact that she seldom if ever sees him and most importantly that the paternal grandmother isn't really the paternal grandmother because MF lied about who the father was. Grandma got the memo too late and I guess was either too attached or knew no one else was going to take care of the baby so she kept him.

So my brother asked my mom to please support him in his decision, she said she couldn't and he couldn't believe her. He shouldn't support himself in this lame decision. The whole day he had still been going over all his legal papers from the custody agreement he had spent about $3500 on since Megan wouldn't let him see the baby on his own. Yeah, she's a keeper. He called the lawyer on Easter Bloody Sunday and the lawyer actually picked up. I wish he would grow up, ideally neither of them would have custody. I assume at some point I will have custody anyway, so it is a matter of waiting.

Meanwhile, somewhere in West University is a well eastablished professional couple spending hundreds of thousands on in vitro because they can't get pregnant. Oh God, your sense of humor and irony is lost on many of us.

In honor of our risen Lord, my mom dressed Dylan and cousin Matthew in matching outfits and gave them their bunnies (let's face it, babies under 1 just don't get any of this). Here you all are:


shannon said...

cute pics.
and i couldn't agree with you more on the babies. how some people end up with them is beyond me... and those that deserve can't. sad.
hope everything works out with baby's momma.

Lisa said...

sorry to hear you all are still having baby mama drama :( Really cute pictures of the boys though!

Tiffany said...

Cute boys!!
Sorry to hear about your brother problems. Hope everything works out for the best.

KJ said...

Oh, wow...unbelievable. MF sounds extremely messed up. What a bummer your bro can't see it and how caught up in this he is now. And, I couldn't agree more with God's irony....

Heather said...

omg that baby just keeps getting bigger and bigger! By the end of the month he'll be bigger than Dylan!! The matchy outfits are cracking me up- too cute!
Need my voodoo doll? ;P