Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wave bu-bye!

Twas my last day at the big bad bank! Everyone at the branch made me feel so special all day long, I got a couple vases of flowers, balloons, lunch and even my favorite mint chocolate chip ice cream from Baskin Robbins. I made a commitment to not read the cards until I got home because as soon as I started reading "You're the best manager I ever had..." I got the glob of sentiment in my throat that threatened to leak from my eyes and I would not have that!

There was the obligatory happy hour afterwards with some of the district folk. Since I refuse to view this as retirement, I never mentioned anything about it to anyone outside the district, so it was just the usual suspects. I had an okay time, but in all honesty I was dying to have the day be over. When I got home, Jason took me up on my offer to watch the kid so he could go out so I could read my cards and cry in peace. Aw sad!


shannon said...

so i would totally post more often, but i have checked regularly and just today am seeing this updated?!?
congrats on your last day of work. ;)

Kache said...

Ok, I thought I wasn't paying enough attention, but it updated about a month's worth all at once for me too!

Brandy said...

Busted =)