Monday, January 02, 2006


Shannon posted a challenge on the KNK boards to do a LO on resolutions and I did this. Dug up an old Urban Lily kit, which if you could actually see the papers is perfect for the subject because it says sickningly optimistic things like "be you," "take time out," - it's okay, you can throw up in your mouth a little from the overwhelming sweetness.

The title is "to fix in '06" and the journaling says: "everyone is always trying to fix what is wrong with them with the resolutions they set, but i don't want to fix a darn thing. i would like to focus on the good things and take them up a notch. here are some of the good things to keep going - being a good mom, being a good wife, trying to cook, being healthy, loving my friends and family, staying scrap happy, treating every moment like it could be the last, finding a way to laugh at it all"

The pic is from NYE, courtesy of Heather and her new Rebel

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