Monday, January 02, 2006

Last day of vacation

Today was my last day of vacation before the big bad bank gets me back in its death grip. We did very little, but eventually took a walk at the end of the day to try and feel the burn. I did go to Mom's to get the rest of the New Years Day feast which has now made it to my tum-tum because it was yum yum.

Here's a so-so LO I did today, saw a cute inspiration in the current Scrapbooks Etc. on p 40 by Lee Anne Russell that I pretty much destroyed. They can't all be masterpieces, but it did let me use some very old paper. I am trying to avoid my kits because I keep needing them for challenges and find that I've used them up. I am going to challenge myself to use the other crud I have and then in the end hopefully it will all be gone.

The pics are just Dylan in a white trash camoflauge outfit that looks straight out of the hunting section of Walmart, but actually came from an HEB in Victoria. We bought it for the sheer trashiness and because we thought it would be worth a laugh. It was too.


Heather said...

poor Dylan and the things you subject him to... lmao!

Lee Anne said...

I like your layout, Brandy! I googled my name just a few minutes ago and ran across your blog. Thanks for giving me credit. :-) You did an awesome job.