Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

It's a new year, 2006. I wanted to start getting back into blogging, I've started and ended too many to count. So maybe this is the year that I get it going on. DH says that this Dooce chick and her husband make enough blogging to stay home all day, I wish! I'd be lucky to find anyone bored enough to read it!

Anywho, for NYE we went to the Keller's and had a fondue party with them, the Trahans and the Harris'. It was fun times, our third year in a row with them. Highlights included earwax on the table and the most fantastic food I've had in awhile.

The next morning was Sunday and we went to my mom's and Jim's for New Year's dinner, the traditional corned beef, cabbage, blackeyed peas and other foods guaranteed to ensure our health, prosperity and luck in the new year. Another good time.

I went home and got cracking on my weekly challenge on the KNK board, it was using a KNK kit and 15 buttons. All I saw was the 15 buttons and I was off, and this is what I came up with (used Basic Grey Sweet Pea Jack, some junkitz buttons and primas from the last swap):

After looking at Bre's post which stated that she had done the same thing, which was to focus on using 15 buttons and not bother using a KNK kit, I realized my error and did another using the April 2005 Arctic Frog pp's and more of the junkitz buttons (and wouldn't you know, a couple swapped Primas too!):

A great way to start the year...

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