Sunday, January 29, 2006

Rise to the Challenge

It is that time of the week, weekly challenge day. This weekend has been too jam packed, running form one obligation to another that I couldn't start until like 7 tonight. I try to make myself do the challenge every week so that I at least get one LO done. So here it is, Matthew and Dylan together. Mom showed me this pic that she and Jim took (actually, I think I took it on their camera because they are actually holding them). Anywho, it is quite cute and they look about the same size despite a 7 1/2 month difference.

BTW, can't wait until I can post the awesome creations that came out of last night's painting session at the Mad Potter on West Grey. We have decided though that in the future, we are staying loyal to Mudpies in Kingwood. I did a Blue Dog Piggy Bank for Dylan (or a "camo pig" as the leacherous MP assistant kept referring to it...) and I can't wait to see it.

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